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84 Anza

84 Anza stands, “Hello. We have come here looking for answers … how to find the Crest, save the world. Ya know. Simple every day stuff.” The Female Grey Form is quick to react, “We do not have answers. You can get knowledge from the Path.” “We need help. What about the Thunder Beings, or Nous?” The Male Grey Form speaks, “We cannot call for the Thunder Beings, but we can direct you … only Anon, the Immortal Unknown, can release them. You can summon Nous for help.” The Greys rise up becoming fluid forms and slowly disappear. Phir stands, “It is time to summon Nous.” “But … I ---” “It must be done.” Anza looks up and turns around with his arms stretching up to the sky, “Nous … Nous.” The Stellar Bubble Craft appears instantly leaving Nous floating above the ground, and disappearing into outer space as it did previously. “Good morning child,” Nous looks briefly at Phir, “it is good to see you again, I enjoyed our talk the other day,” with eyes back to Anza, “you summoned me.” “I must find the Sacred Crest.” "Use all that is available to you. Look down and ask the Path of knowledge for information." Anza looks down as the face appears in the Path. "What am I to do next?"

85 The Path speaks, “Go to the Chamber Obscura and call for the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes using your Magical Transfer Ring with the Tome of Legends. Xandr will help search for the secret code that allows you to use the magic of the Oglala. Download the information to your Oracle Frame. Use the Sacred Oglala Crest’s counterpart, the Cosmic Eye Medallion, to interpret the code. It will lead you to the place where you will find the Sacred Oglala Crest.” “The Cosmic Eye Medallion?” “It is in the crystal podium; you will instinctively know how to use it. Go now, time is drawing nigh.” Nous gestures and is rocketed away in the Stellar Bubble Craft.

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