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88 The bright-eyed

88 The bright-eyed Anza tilts the Oracle Frame, and the location of the Sacred Oglala Crest pulsates in a brilliant purple color, moving out to the surface of the screen. The map zooms in as a holographic view of a cave opening in the side of the mountain. Anza leaves the Chamber Obscura, puts on his cool sunglasses on and heads to the old barn where he spots a woman in the shadows, ignoring her as he passes. The woman is Katipo wearing a blouse, blue jeans with matching jacket, boots and a western style hat. She sets out to follow Anza, but is intercepted by two Grey Forms clad in dark clothes, masquerading as humans and carrying bibles. The Female Grey Form says, "Good afternoon sister. We have not seen you here before. Are you new to these parts?" "I'm ... I am visiting my family, the Qi's," she lies. "We are from," she points, "over there. We are here to visit Meilin Bancroft-Qi. Come join us." Anza creeps slowly as the afternoon sunlight shines through the cracks in the old barn roof creating an eerie and magical light across the bronze statue. He grabs his backpack, "Want to go for a ride?" he asks it as he points his ring finger at him chanting, "Lái shēnghuó." 'Runs like the Wind' comes to life. Anza jumps on a hay bale, mounts him and they race out of the old barn down the road toward the cave shown on the map. Katipo becomes agitated as 'Runs like the Wind' gallops by with Anza on his back. "I ... I ---." "That is Anza; always riding off ... he will be back soon. Come into the house," the Male Grey Form orders while grabbing her arm.

89 Having followed Anza to the old barn the Raven realizes he has discovered the location of the Crest and is going to get it. Knowing he will need some help, he flies off to where Gray Wolf, Nigel, and their band of outlaws are hanging out. He swoops down to their camp, and morphs into Dimitri Talbot, "The boy is riding off to get the Crest, and I know where he is going." "Let's go," commands Gray Wolf. "Remember your promise." "Of course," Gray Wolf responds as he smiles at Nigel and the others, "of course." Dimitri morphs back to the Raven and flies away leading the way to the cave. * * * * * * * Anza reins in for a brief moment and checks the Oracle Frame. He returns it to his backpack and gently urges 'Runs like the Wind' with his heels into his side. He starts in a slow gallop, increasing his gait and soon is running at a speed to match his name. The Oracle Fame emits a loud sound indicating they have arrived at the entrance to the cave shown on the map as the winter sun begins its early descent behind the hills. Anza reins in, removes his sunglasses and dismounts leaving his horse ground tied. Taking a flashlight from his backpack, he goes into the cave. It is damp, cold and dark, but not silent. He looks up, down and all around. The light beam spots a lot of bats making weird squeaking noises and hanging in the crevices. The bats are spooked and begin flying around crashing into Anza. Momentarily scared he jumps aside, takes a deep breath and composes himself. The bat colony soon

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