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90 goes back to cluster

90 goes back to cluster in their roost. Anza waits a few moments and moves guardedly deeper into the uninviting cave. He stops and takes the Oracle Frame from his backpack. He moves his finger across the multitude of icons until a bright blue beam shoots out; first straight, then curving from side to side, then up and down. With a zap, it locks in on a crevice high in the wall. He shines his flashlight on the jagged but climbable slope. Up he goes like an amateur rock climber, slipping and almost falling, finally reaching a deep crevice where the Raven hid the Sacred Oglala Crest. He removes the Crest, puts it in his backpack, retreats down the slope and runs out of the cave to the waiting horse. Anza is unable to mount huge steed without help, and motions for him to bow down on one knee. Grabbing the pommel of the white saddle, he sets his foot in the stirrup and swings aboard while the stallion instinctively stands erect. An accomplished rider, he urges him to leave with a neck rein and a slight forward shifting of weight. Satisfied with his finding, he rides down the dirt road at wind speed. But, with the evening light casting shadows across his path he slows his horse to a canter upon approaching a sharp turn. Laying-in-wait ready to ambush the unsuspecting boy are Nigel and his men, and their new partners-in-crime Gray Wolf and his band of Indians. They jump out from the cover of the trees frightening him and his horse. The mighty stallion spooked by the disruption comes to sudden stop and rears to his hind legs, throwing Anza from the saddle despite his desperate attempts to stay mounted. As he goes down, he instinctively rolls away from the animal's dangerous hooves, but is knocked unconscious as

91 his head slams into a rock alongside the road. 'Runs like the Wind' settles down. Nigel searches Anza's backpack and almost immediately finds the Crest, "Let's get outta here." "What about him?" asks one of the bad guys. "Leave him. I've got what we came for." The bad guys ride off, leaving the injured Anza. The Raven flies above keeping an eye on Gray Wolf and the treasure. 'Runs like the Wind' walks to Anza and nudges him with his head. Getting no reaction, he tries again, and again. He waits; apprehensive and nervous he paws the ground. Time passes; he looks around and gallops away. * * * * * * * The Grey Forms have a squirming Katipo confined and uncomfortable with their continuous bible readings. "Excuse me," Katipo pleads as she gets up and heads for the Great Room. "You can not leave, we have just begun," cries the Female Grey Form. "I'll be right back," Katipo lies. She goes to the Great Room and waves her arms as she remembered Anza doing, she chants, "Dakai ménhu." The wall becomes transparent and the triumphant Katipo goes through wall into the Chamber Obscura. She goes directly to the podium, reaches into her pocket and places the Magical Transfer Ring on her finger. Noticing it is backwards, she removes it and puts it back on and points at the Tome of Legends. The pages begin to glow and turn.

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