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92 Katipo pushes buttons

92 Katipo pushes buttons on her Abstract Data Recorder Belt Buckle. A red beam streams and combines with her Transfer Ring beam. The words and images of the code bounce around and finally flash on a holographic screen above the Podium. In a moment, a three-dimensional image of the map that Anza saw moments ago lingers above the Tome of Legends. She downloads it to her ADR, smiles and leaves passing the Grey Forms as she goes out through the kitchen. Self-satisfied she says, "Later," continuing passed the table and out the door. Katipo rushes down the dirt road just moments after Nigel and Gray Wolf and their band of outlaws gallop away in the opposite direction. 'Runs like the Wind' races by as she comes upon Anza lying unconscious. She looks in the backpack lying next to him. There is no Crest to be found. She checks Anza's pulse and the bruise on his head, "Sorry kid. I gotta go." She calmly raises her arms to the sky; slowly lowering them to her toes changing into her Latrodectus outfit. She stretches her arms out in front, looks back at Anza and clicks her bracelets together. Radiant circles form as she zooms up and away returning to the Space-Between Dimensions as 'Runs like the Wind' returns to the old barn and walks slowly inside. Daiyu turns to face Katipo as she returns to his side crying out, "Nigel Churchill and Gray Wolf have the Crest." * * * * * * * We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor. Our vision focuses on Nous in the Province of Acceptance and on Earth simultaneously. Nous sees Katipo fly away, focuses on Earth below and spots Anza on the dirt road, summons the Stellar Bubble

93 Craft and zooms to Anza. The Craft disappears leaving Nous floating above the ground encased in light. Nous extends a hand pointing a finger at Anza. A Green Ray shines on Anza's forehead moving from side to side; a few moments pass, Nous smiles as the Green Ray completes its healing magic. Miraculously all signs of his injury are removed. Anza awakens rubbing his head, "What happened?" "You have fallen from 'Runs like the Wind'," Nous says with a stern child-like look, "You should not be riding him. Grey Wolf and his band have taken the Crest from your backpack and ---" Anza cuts Nous short, "I must ---" "You must learn the way first." "But, we don't have time." "Time is an elusive concept, little Tian yì. It is the Presence's way of making you believe everything does not happen at once. Once you learn Paesre, which will bring the past, present and future in concert ... you will be able to achieve your task as the Chosen One." "Yeye told me that, but I don't know how." "You and Xandr must travel to the four-dimensional world and learn the way." Nous looks for a reaction, but Anza is still dazed, "You will use the Sacred Oglala Bow and Xandr will use the Waluta Cane for your Trans-Dimensional Travel. Do you understand?" "We're gonna fly, right?" Nous looks down and smiles. "So how will we ---?"

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