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94 Nous interrupts, "You

94 Nous interrupts, "You will trans-travel through the Portal of Ojas. Enough for today child; go home; your parents will be worried. You have much to learn. Rest tonight, I will see you tomorrow." Anza watches the Stellar Bubble Craft return for Nous and disappear into the starlit evening sky. He walks home getting there in time for dinner. After dinner, Meilin and Baxter get up from the table, "We're going to watch TV. What are you two up to?" Baxter asks. Phir chimes in, "I'm going to read, and Anza has studies." When his parents are out of range, Anza looks at his grandfather, "Something happened today Yeye." "I know Sūnzi, I know." "I gotta get it back." "First, you must learn the way." "That's what Nous said. Something about a place called Ojas." "It is more than a place. It is a container; a celestial service station with all the cosmic energy you will need to travel to the four-dimensional world of Anon; it is also the gateway between the spiritual and the material. It is Paesre." "When will I know more?" "You will waken in the night. I will be in the old barn. We will continue the journey to your destiny." Anza awakens from a nightmare where the calendar shows February 28th and the Earth is beginning to shake. He dresses, grabs his MTR and quietly slips out of the house and into the old barn where Phir is waiting.

95 “Yeye, I had a terrible dream.” “What was so terrible?” “I saw that we had just one day left.” “That would be terrible. Let’s get started.” Anza and Phir sit on the straw covered floor inside a Circle of Stones; a chill moves through the old barn and Anza watches silently as Phir lifts the Sacred Oglala Bow high up. He closes his eyes tilting his head back with an impulsive I Ching time travel chant. The Deer's Tail begins waving in the tranquil room, slowly at first, then fluttering as if a strong wind was blowing, but there was none. The moonlight that filtered through the cracks in the old barn frame soon dissipated leaving a 'quiet-before-the-storm' eerie feeling. Moments seem like a lifetime until a great vibration followed by a series of thunderous claps shudder the old wooden framed barn. The barn creeks and feels like it should crumble to the ground. Suddenly the darkness becomes a soft glow that rapidly intensifies to a lightening bright illumination that fills the room accompanied by a small breeze that quickly turns into a force lifting and whisking them up and out the doorway as they transform to a fluid shape. Simultaneously in the Stellar Monitor, we see Xandr and Emera sitting within the Sacred Hoop. Emera raises his Cane, the Waluta unfurls. They are whisked-up and out of the stable in a mini tornado-like funnel on their way to the Portal of Ojas as they, too, transform to a fluid shape for trans-travel.

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