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98 as the Grey Forms

98 as the Grey Forms welcome the boys and their grandfathers cautioning them to be silent as they walk on the imaginary floor. The Stellar Bubble Craft sails between the Grey Forms stopping somewhere in the distance. The Male Grey Form summons the guests, "Please follow. Do not speak until asked." Anza, Phir, Xandr and Emera walk gingerly behind the Grey Form continuing toward the Immortal Unknown. Anza whispers, "Is this God?" The Female Grey Form stops and turns to Anza, "No, It is Anon, The Immortal Unknown. You must not speak unless you are asked." They stop a few feet short. The Grey Forms move to Anon's left. There is stillness for what seems like an eternity until heavenly music fills the space and the boys respond with a breath of relief, as they seem to be in concert with the breathing of the space they occupy. Anza and Xandr look at each other. Xandr makes a small waist-high wave. Anza smiles, Phir and Emera tug on the boys' arms. The Stellar Bubble Craft stops two feet above the transparent floor. Nous floats out of the Craft, which flies off slowly leaving Nous hovering and facing Anon's right side. The screen of the Cosmos Comprehender changes images. Nigel Churchill, Gray Wolf and their band of outlaws appear on the screen. Nous speaks in a soft child-like voice, "They are planning to take the Crest back to Planet Theia and leave the horse on Planet Earth. They do not understand the consequences. This is most troublesome." Anon turns facing his guests. The Grey forms move to his left side while Nous moves to his right. He puts his hands

99 together in front about shoulder high and opens his arms to receive his guests; the heavenly music builds to a crescendo and stops. "Welcome." Phir and Emera bow, nudging the boys to do the same. Anza and Xandr look at each other, shrugging their shoulders and bow. Anon gestures. Everyone stands up straight. "Nothing stimulates outrageous theories so effectively as an absence of evidence. The Crest alone does not have the power to ..." He turns to Nous, "Please explain to Tian yì and the others." Nous moves partly in front of Anon, "The secrets of the Sacred Oglala Crest and the Cosmic Eye Medallion can only be energized by your Magical Transfer Rings. Katipo has a Magical Transfer Ring with the same power. However, only limited readings of the Tome of Legends and Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes are possible with the rings. You need more than the rings." Nous looks at Anza, "You may speak now Tian yì." "You called me that before; what does it mean?" "It means, the Chosen One." Xandr asks, "Am I chosen too?" "You are like your counterpart Anza, but the Lakota do not have a chosen one." "The bad guys have the Crest,” Anza speaks with concern, "What do they want with it if they don't have the ring to activate the code?" Nous recognizes the anxiety in Anza’s voice and offers a condolence. "They do not know what other powers they must have to complete the unexplained and to change the unchangeable." Nous examines Anza's face to see if he

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