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STEPS TO RADIANT LIVING e want to feel alive and W energetic, look forward to each new day, and enjoy optimum health. To accomplish this, each of us must assume responsibility in an intelligent way for our own wellbeing; yet, we do not have the years of training and experience it takes to be a physician. What can we do to take charge of our health? Is there a simple plan that can be followed by those interested in vibrant health and wellness? Yes, there is! The Weimar Institute in California has developed a conditioning program built on eight basic concepts proven to decrease your risk of disease, and strengthen your body. These principles provide the foundation for dealing with any health condition successfully. Weimar created the acronym NEWSTART © to make them easier to remember. NEWSTART © stands for: Nutrition Exercise Water Sunshine Temperance Air Rest Trust In God. Applied individually, each health principle is very effective; but combined, the benefits are multiplied beyond what each one by itself could do. 4 s RADIANT LIVING

ewSTART Nutrition How would you like to enjoy tasty satisfying meals, normalize your weight, and enhance your health all at the same time? It’s possible! There is a wide variety of delicious foods that are both healthful and appetizing. Food is vital to our health. It provides the building blocks for growth and repair, and fuel for energy. It is a key element in the length and quality of life. Poor diet contributes to weight gain, heart disease, cancer, and a host of other diseases. Understanding Food The food we eat is composed of a variety of nutrients. Its basic caloric components are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates. These are the primary source of energy for every action and process in the body. Carbohydrates come in two forms: sugar and starch. Sugars are digested quickly and—unless fiber is present to slow things down—enter the blood stream as glucose within minutes. Starches provide energy for a longer period of time because they must be changed to sugar during the digestive process. They should constitute the largest percentage of the diet, but be careful of the source. When foods are refined the fiber is removed. This results in a denser concentration of calories, making it easier to eat more than you can use. These excess calories are converted to fat and stored. Whole grains, potatoes, beans, vegetables, and fruits are all excellent sources of carbohydrates. FOOD COMPOSITION (in percent of calories) (amount per 100grams) MEAT protein fat carb fiber chol Bacon, cured, cooked 22% 78% 0% 0 g 85 mg Chicken, whole, roasted 45% 55% 0% 0 g 94 mg DAIRY Milk, skim 40% 4% 56% 0 g 2 mg Cheese, cheddar 25% 74% 1% 0 g 105 mg NUTS Almonds, dried 13% 75% 13% 11 g 0 mg Walnuts, dried 9% 81% 11% 5 g 0 mg LEGUMES Lentils, cooked 30% 3% 67% 8 g 0 mg Pinto beans, cooked 24% 3% 73% 8.5 g 0 mg GRAINS Rice, brown, cooked 9% 7% 84% 2 g 0 mg Wheat, whole grain 16% 5% 79% 12 g 0 mg VEGETABLES Potato, baked 11% 1% 88% 2.5 g 0 mg Broccoli, cooked 34% 9% 57% 3 g 0 mg FRUITS Bananas 5% 2% 93% 2.5 g 0 mg Oranges 8% 4% 88% 2.5 g 0 mg RADIANT LIVING s 5

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