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MAGMA Newsletter - Winter 2018 - ENG

MAGMA Newsletter - Winter 2018 -

WINTER 2018 MAGMA’S CULTURAL CHORDS OUR FAVOURITE #150MOMENTS—WHAT’S YOURS? 2017 was a remarkable year in many ways. As the year wrapped up, and we geared up to get ready for a new cycle, we reflected on all the ways in which 2017 represented a year of growth for our organization and our community. From growing from approximately 40 to over 70 staff members, including 2 in our first ever satellite office, to hosting the province’s largest multicultural festival to date at the largest venue ever since the Mosaïq Festival started, this past year was filled with milestones for both ourselves, our clients and our community. It’s hard to pick our favourite moments from 2017, but looking back, a few of them stand out, and we are excited to tell you more about them in the following pages, which make up our Winter 2018 edition. Can you recognize some of our favourite #150Moments from the images here? Were you part of some of them? Will you participate next year? What were your favourite MAGMA moments in 2017 and what are your hopes for us and our growing community in 2018?

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