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MAGMA Newsletter - Winter 2018 - ENG

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PAGE 6 M A G M A ’ S C U L T U R A L C H O R D S S T U D E N T S F E A T U R E FRANCOPHONE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RETENTION PROGRAM Congratulations are in order!! On December 21, 2017 we gathered together to celebrated the achievements of the first set of participants in the Francophone International Student Retention Program. These 8 talented students, along with representatives from the project partners were in attendance. The success is evident in the all these joyous smiling faces! MAGMA is proud to be one of the partners in this project that is led by CAFI and supported by Government of New Brunswick, Opportunities New Brunswick, the City of Moncton, the Local Immigration Partnership of Greater Moncton, Atlantic Human Services Inc., Université de Moncton, and the College Communautaire de Nouveau Brunswick (CCNB). Francophone international students - current or past - may be interested in this great program, which will be starting up again this month. Aimed at helping students bridge the gap between university or college and the workplace this course will strengthen your English skills in all areas. During the course you will get your resume tailored to Canadian employers' expectations. You will practice workplace networking and presentation skills, Canadian-style resume writing, and practicing how to give a confident job interview with professional employers. Francophone International Student Retention Program registration is through Bénédicte N'Dri at CAFi: ou au (506) 382-7494 ext. 8.

PAGE 7 M A G M A ’ S C U L T U R A L C H O R D S S T U D E N T S F E A T U R E SKILLS LAUNCH - YOUTH EMPLOYABILITY PROGRAM The 3 year pilot project, Skills Launch – Immigration Youth Employability Program continues to roll along smoothly. Last May was the kick-off to the 10-month program encompassing various components to prepare the youth for the Canadian workplace and aid them in overcoming any barriers to success. In October, the participants celebrated the completion of the 10-week Workplace Essential Skills (W.E.S.) portion of the training including safety, WHMIS, and first aid. All three cohorts of the pilot program (Saint John & Fredericton) came together in Fredericton to meet and share in their accomplishments. Each class made a special presentation to the delegates and guests expressing what the experience has meant to them thus far. Everyone is now working, for the next six months, with an employer in the career sector they had identified interest in learning about. Work in automotive service, customer service, child care and cooking/baking are all presenting the participants with priceless hands-on training opportunities. At the same time, they are staying connected as support for one another through their Youth Employability Coordinator on-site visits, weekly reports and social media avenues. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying the new adventures and it is proving to be a positive experience not only for the participants but the employers as well. Participants are now getting inspired with what the possibilities are for their futures: whether to remain in the work force or return to school to further their education to reach their goals... The possibilities are endless! Plans for the next cohort of this project are in full swing and excitement is building for empowering more of our dynamic young newcomers. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding this program, eligibility criteria, or if you are/know someone that may be interested in the program. Simply email Bev at or call 858-9659 Ext. 2292.

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