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MAGMA Newsletter - Winter 2018 - ENG


BE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A NEW ARRIVAL FAMILY CONNECTIONS PROGRAM If you’re looking for a life-enriching experience, we have a unique opportunity designed to open the door to new horizons right here in your local community. For over 30 years, the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area has been helping newcomers from around the world become a successfully integrated part of our local community. For that, we need you. Volunteers form the backbone of our support services, giving both the newcomers and the community members a chance to learn from each other. Our Family Connections Program volunteers are the centre to their success, pairing with families for a full year to be there for them as a friend, advisor and source of encouragement. Whether you’re a dedicated individual, a settled couple whose children have long since left the nest or a young family looking to expose their children to a larger view of the world, we work to find the ideal match for you. So if you’re up to this incredibly rewarding challenge, then please get in touch with our Community Connections Coordinator here at MAGMA: Patricia Coucheir 858-9659 Ext 2269

PAGE 9 M A G M A ’ S C U L T U R A L C H O R D S S T A F F L I F E MAGMA’S FAMILY GROWS IN TIME FOR 2018! Besides the holidays approaching, we found one more reason to celebrate December in our office: our beloved Skills Launch Program Coordinator, Jessica, was about to welcome her baby boy into the world! The staff came together to plan a surprise potluck and baby shower, where a few staff were brave enough to try their hand at dressing up a "baby" in record time to win a prize! The baby mama almost won by just a couple of seconds! Lots of fun and laughter were shared around the room as we all wished Jessica health and happiness with her little one, who was born on December 31st! Both baby Arlo and mama are happy, healthy, and doing very well! While Jessica is on maternity leave, our beloved Beverley Waddell- Nelson will be coordinating the Skills Launch Program, accompanying this cohort as they wrap up their work placements in the spring, and recruiting the new cohort to begin workshops in summer. CRAFTS AND SPORTS—CHRISTMAS PARTY, MAGMA STYLE MAGMA’s staff had the opportunity to celebrate the holidays by culminating a series of fun activities, such as a stocking decorating contest, with a bowling and pizza party at Fairlanes before the break! The winners of the contest were announced at the gettogether, and the staff hosted a small gift exchange to get the party started. After this, a bowling tournament took place were we shared many laughs and awkward bowling moves, before heading over to watch some karaoke performances by local community members. It was a night to remember for all, and to culminate the year with friends, colleagues, and our MAGMA family.

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