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Water treatment

systems. All these

systems. All these systems were fed with surface (river/stream) water without treatment. To give attention to the national legislation (Decree 2105 of 1983), aiming to improve drinking water quality in Colombia, CGO accepted a proposal made by Cinara to do some pilot studies before introducing SSF technology into the coffee region. Photo 4.2 Typical (Salónica) settlement of coffee grower communities in the northern hillsides of Cauca Valley Department of Colombia. MSF plant Photo 4.3 Sirena, suburban settlement in the western hillsides of Cali, main city of the Cauca Valley Department of Colombia. 137

Photo 4.4 Initial water treatment plant of La Sirena (Cali, Colombia) consisted of a DyGF intake (not shown) and two SSF units. Designed during the 1980s. SSF UGFL DyGF Photo 4.5 Improved water treatment plant at La Sirena with DyGF, UGFL, and SSF units working in series. Redesigned during the 1990s. 138

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