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Water treatment

Figure 4.3 Location of

Figure 4.3 Location of full-scale MSF treatment plants in Cauca Valley Department of Colombia, which were monitored for the present study. Basic characteristics of communities or local organisations running the MSF plants Basic characteristics of communities or local organisations running the MSF plants monitored during the present study are summarised in table 4.1. Six plants (Retiro, Cañasgordas, Rivera, Javeriana, Shaloom, and Colombo) are located in the sub-urban area of Cali and 3 (Marina, Ceylan, and Restrepo) are rural settlements in the coffee region of the Cauca Valley Department. Colombo, Javeriana, and Restrepo are educational centres. Shaloom is a private club. Retiro, Cañasgordas, and Rivera are suburban communities. Marina and Ceylan are rural communities located in the coffee region. Mondomo is a rural community located in the Cauca Department, to the south of the Cauca Valley Department. Mondomo was not monitored during the present study but represents one of the latest MSF systems introduced into a rural area of Colombia, which benefited from the learning experience with the other systems. Some considerations will be presented at the end of this chapter about the experience in Mondomo. All MSF systems monitored in the south-west suburban area of Cali, except Javeriana, were built with financial resources raised by the local organisations and communities. Javeriana and Restrepo benefited from seeding money provided by SANDEC to promote HGF technology. All other projects were built by combining financial resources from central and local governments, communities, and the coffee growers’ organisation in the case of Restrepo, Ceylan and Marina. All running costs of WS systems, including MSF plants, are covered by users. Local institutions running their own WS system identified persons for managerial and operational activities for the systems. Communities running WS systems are in different types of organisation, typically water committees or users associations established with a council and a chairman elected by user assemblies. Operational staff are responsible to the chairman or to an administrator, appointed by the organisation specifically to deal with the WS system. 147

Table 4.1 Basic characteristics of communities or local organisations running the MSF plants, including formal education level and working experience on WS systems of administrative and operational staff (based on information collected during 1999). Locality Type Population served Users number (1) Main economical activity Local offer (4) Community Formal training level Administrative staff O&M Staff Working experience (years) on the same system Administrative staff O&M Staff El Retiro Cañasgordas La Rivera Javeriana Sub-urban community Sub-urban community Sub-urban community Private university 7,000 116 (2) Professional; Business 700 95 Shaloom Private club 1,170 NA Colombo La Marina Ceylan Restrepo Private school Rural community Rural community Rural school Professional; Business 2,100 NA (3) Professional; Business >16 University Technical Primary 12 10 >16 University Technical Primary 8 10 >16 University University Primary 7 5 3,200 NA Education >16 University University Primary 10 10 Professional; Business >16 University University Primary 3 3 1,170 NA Education >16 University University Primary 10 10 3,400 545 3,000 500 Agriculture (coffee and banana) Agriculture (coffee and banana) 11 High-school Primary 11 High-school Technical 565 NA Education 5 High-school Technical Uncompleted primary Uncompleted primary Uncompleted primary Mondomo Rural Agriculture, Uncompleted 3,500 520 11 High-school Technical community (tomatoes, beans) primary (1) Users in this table means house connections or the quantity of families or business paying and independent tariff to the local WS system (2) Families and local institutions are included (3) NA means not applicable (4) Education available locally or close to the Community 11 5 10 10 10 10 4 3 148 148

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