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Water treatment

in Peru (Pardon, 1989)

in Peru (Pardon, 1989) and Colombia (Galvis et al, 1989). Due to complaints of local caretakers or administrators of the systems about the operational or maintenance requirements of this type of valves in Colombia, they are no longer recommended. Annex 1 includes an example of commercially available (in Colombia) butterfly type of valve now being used in the systems with better results. This situation is also illustrated in photo 4.24 and 4.25. Photo 4.20 Surface raking of a DyGF unit Photo 4.21. Scraping activities on a SSF unit 169

Photo 4.22 Bottom drainage of an upflow coarse gravel filtration in layers (UGFL) unit Photo 4.23 Surface cleaning of an upflow coarse gravel filtration in layers (UGFL) unit 170

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