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to cultivate relationships in a more relaxed atmosphere. “We learn information that can move us all forward,” he said. “It’s a different setting. It’s more relaxed. You can talk to people when you’re not under the gun.” Greg Morrison with Quality Transport Inc. said he gets great information from the speakers. “I think our leadership does a good job selecting speakers with valuable information,” Morrison said, adding he appreciates the local and national legislative updates on issues affecting the trucking industry. Information Please Dr. Shawn Wilson, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development, was one of five guest speakers at the convention. Wilson provided an overview of DOTD operations before conducting a lively question & answer session with audience members. “We recognize the value that you all bring to our state,” Wilson told LMTA audience members. “When we have issues affecting your industry…I will be calling Cathy Gautreaux,” he promised. Dave Manning, second vice president of the American Trucking Associations Inc., gave members a list of ATA industry priorities for the coming year and thanked the LMTA for its significant involvement in national issues, particularly the annual Call on Washington. “The LMTA has been a great supporter of ATA,” Manning said. “Louisiana definitely has a well-run state association” promoting the trucking industry, he added. “We believe the image of our industry is important. Public perception affects public policy,” Manning said. Rebecca Brewster, president of the American Transportation Research Institute, outlined ATRI research on critical industry issues like truck parking, hours of service rules, safety performance, sleep apnea and the costs of nationwide traffic bottlenecks. (The bottleneck at the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge made ATRI’s Top 100 Bottleneck list, coming in at No. 19). Brewster encouraged members to support the industry’s research agenda, adding, “We’re always looking for people to participate.” Jim Angel, vice president of video intelligence for PeopleNet, showed members how they can benefit from onboard telematics and video, especially after an accident. Video can prevent false accusations (and lawsuits) because drivers can immediately produce evidence of how the crash occurred. “There’s something magic 20 ❘ Open Road Q3 2016

about video,” Angel said. “There’s almost an immediate ROI.” Telematics can provide information on acceleration percentage, brake use, clutch, cruise control, fuel mpg, sudden starts and stops, speeding, hours of service, out of route miles and near misses, Angel said, allowing companies to better train their drivers. “Bad habits can cost a tremendous amount of dollars,” he said. “It (video & telematics) actually can help make your drivers better.” Brian Fielkow, president of Jetco Delivery and author of the book, Driving to Perfection, outlined the importance and benefits of maintaining a “culture of safety” and offered 10 principles that are “low cost and high value” to any trucking company. At the board of directors meeting, LMTA Executive Director Cathy Gautreaux provided updates on legislative matters from the recent regular and special sessions, outlining numerous wins for the industry. Transportation funding will be a primary focus of the next legislative session, and Gov. John Bel Edwards has formed a Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Infrastructure Investment as well as a Special Permit Task Force. The LMTA will actively participate in both. K Open Road Q3 2016 ❘ 21

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