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LIGO CRITICISMS Starting on the same day that the LIGO first detection was announced, there arose voices that ranged from skepticism to disbelief. These were all aired on various Internet forums, and never found their way to the media which meticulously maintained a spotless scientific image of LIGO, and then magnified it interminably. As I have said, LIGO is a faulty instrument concept and nothing it reports merits discussion. One does not debate the estimated quantity of water reserves indicated by a dowsing rod. However, the dissident views are helpful because they each point to some symptom of LIGO being a useless contraption. When an apple is rotten, you can tell this by its smell, color, texture, feel, sheen etc. Likewise, you can identify many symptoms of LIGO being defective. When you put together all these studies, only one conclusion follows: LIGO is useless. 111

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