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DEMETRIS T. CHRISTOPOULOS Statistical text analysis of Livingston logfiles for LIGO project 2010-2017 Demetris T. Christopoulosa National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Economics Abstract We use more than 35K log files from Livingston laboratory and we search for specific keywords that reveal tasks by using currently introduced Action Text Estimator (ATE), existing text mining tools and Granger causality tests. It is found that lockloss and all kind of injections obtain their peak points exactly on times of announced events, while actions by commissioners increase and reach extreme values just before each event. Observing mode is a minority in text mining analysis if we compare it with other keywords. Lockloss Granger causes observing which is incompatible with IFO operational procedure. A deeper analysis is required for the relation between lockloss, injections, commissioners and observation mode. Keywords: action text estimator, big data, analytics, text mining, LIGO, inje Statistical text analysis of Livingston logfiles for LIGO project 2010-2017 (PDF Download Available). Available from: Livingston_logfiles_for_LIGO_project_2010- 2017?channel=doi&linkId=59ff0b270f7e9b9968c577ca&showFulltext=true [accessed Dec 31 2017]. 120

Big data analysis of Livingston and Hanford logfiles for LIGO project 2010-2016 Data · April 2016 with 7,510 Reads DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.5124.1365 Cite this publication Demetris Christopoulos National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Abstract We use more than 50K log files from Livingston (L1) and Hanford (H1) laboratories. The injections have a maximum density close to 2015-09-14 ('time zero') when it was announced by LIGO that a gravitational wave was detected. Lost lock of interferometer (IFO) is also distributed in time by a similar way. Several unknown reasons for lockloss have been reported while IFO is found to present extreme instability at time zero. Commissioners had the privilege to perform injections without any prior notification to the 'scientists on board'. Earthquakes seem to be active the date of alleged detection and one of them managed to bypass the lockloss system. Harvesting trucks had been working for weeks close to (L1) at time zero. Noise from weather also had a maximum same days. We use Extremum Surface and Distance Estimator (ESE and EDE) methods in order to perform Inflection Point Analysis of times. It seems that close to Sep 14, 2015 almost all possible causes of external and internal noise are present and serious malfunctions appear. Credibility of L1 and H1 laboratories continues to be highly questionable and they cannot be treated as observatories by no means, unless if they stop performing hardware injections. Figures 121