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VERITAS: And it is this

VERITAS: And it is this instrument-distorted wiggle that you compare with theory to find perfect match. What does this match mean? ADHIKARI: I cannot answer this question immediately. VERITAS: OK, let us talk about the chirp that clinched the neutron star discovery. For the jury, chirp means an increase in the signal frequency with time. Now, according to the LIGO theory, this chirp is due to the LIGO mirrors oscillating mechanically with the same increasing frequency in its Class B Operation. Is this correct? ADHIKARI: Yes. VERITAS: Now, for the light storage measurement technique, a 1200 km effective length can be shown to be good for measuring mirror vibration frequencies up to ~ 70 cycles per second. But in the neutron star merger case, your chirp happens in the 25 ~ 300 cycles per second range and perhaps higher. What is your response? ADHIKARI: We get that frequency range from digital analysis of our readout. VERITAS: And that analysis can provide more information than what the instrument has gathered? ADHIKARI: It is complicated. VERITAS: Furthermore, whatever chirp you can find correctly is not relevant since gravitational wave signal – if it exists – is not extricable from the noise. The chirp cannot be ascribed to the wave, even if it was registered by LIGO. But this is all superfluous. LIGO cannot detect gravitational wave because it cannot demonstrate quantum theory-like mirror entanglement or quantum-scale macroscopic mirror movement. There is neither any direct nor any indirect evidence of any kind that these fanciful conjectures materialize in LIGO. ADHIKARI: That’s a preposterous statement. The whole scientific community has accepted our result as a spectacular discovery. You are nitpicking. You are making too much of some trivia. VERITAS: The trivia is simply that your neutron star merger diagrams are not “on the sky”. They are some type of instrumental-digital artifact, triggered by some terrestrial disturbance. You needed 100 seconds worth of action from that disturbance to bridge it to the gamma ray burst time, and there the artifact has served well. ADHIKARI: The journal Physical Review Letters has certified that our results are on the sky. VERITAS: Do you agree with the fatal LIGO instrument faults I have described? ADHIKARI: I don’t know. I mean you … how can someone like you argue with the decision of the Nobel Prize Committee which has certified LIGO? 76

VERITAS: Mr. Adhikari, as I told you, this is a court of law. The Nobel Prize has no special standing here. Only facts have. Your Honor, I have no further questions for this witness. JUDGE: Redirect, Mr. Moscato? MOSCATO: Yes, Your Honor. Professor Adhikari, you do not admit that there is anything the matter with the LIGO discoveries, do you? ADHIKARI: No, I do not. MOSCATO: No further questions. JUDGE: The witness is excused. This entry was posted on October 17, 2017 at 10:30 pm 77

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