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6th Form Prospectus

Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus

Art ART & DESIGN Design

Art ART & DESIGN Design Examination Examination Board: Board: AQA AQA What is covered? Students will develop practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of: relevant materials, processes, technologies and resources, how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts, how images and artefacts relate to the time and place in which they were made and to their social and cultural contexts, continuity and change in different genres, styles and traditions, a working vocabulary and specialist terminology. Why study Art and Design at SGS? Many businesses benefit from having a creative mind as part of their team. We teach you to be innovative, experimental, enquiring, and flexible. If you enjoy being creative and practical, then this course will give you very useful skills and a great deal of personal satisfaction. What skills can I gain from studying Art and Design? A highly developed sense of creativity and design capability together with the skills needed to produce work both outstanding and intriguing. You will be given the skills necessary to be able to choose the most appropriate media when tackling a piece of work which could include; oils, pastels, gouache, watercolour, mixed media and also photography combined with digital manipulation. What career paths would this subject be suitable for? Career options include, advertising, architecture, stage design, interior design, fashion design including management and journalism, photography, product design, the film and television industry, the full range of fine art industries, conservation, art teaching and lecturing. What trips occur during the course? Students regularly visit the National Gallery, National portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert museum. Trips to Barcelona and Madrid are also being planned. Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 14

BIOLOGY Examination Board: EDUQAS Providing the opportunity to study the stunning diversity of living organisms, their structures, systems and interdependence, this course is a tantalising journey through the living world; it reveals some of the marvel and the majesty of its complexity to a new generation of biologists. What topics are covered? We study the comparative physiology of a wide range of organisms from single celled Amoeba through flatworms and annelids to insects, fish, mammals and flowering plants. An understanding of the variety of systems used for gaseous exchange, nutrition and transport within these groups enables us to have a better appreciation of the evolution of terrestrial organisms from their aquatic ancestors. An investigation into the biodiversity of an ecosystem and the need to classify organisms, bio, microbiology, genetics, genetic engineering, homeostasis and Man’s impact on the environment are all discussed. Students keep abreast of new developments and consider benefits, hazards and ethical implications of scientific advances. Why do Biology at SGS? Biology at SGS has a long history of success. Since 2012 over 60 % of all lower sixth candidates have attained A or B grades at AS, with 78% of those that continued to A level achieving A*-B. What will I gain from studying Biology? Will it support my career path? Biology is a subject that suits both science and arts students alike, drawing on chemistry, physics and mathematics to explain the structure and behaviour of living organisms. In doing so it develops and enhances analytical and evaluative skills, whilst remaining interesting and relevant to the real world. As an academic subject Biology is highly regarded by Universities and whilst it is particularly relevant to the study of Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, all branches of Nursing, Environmental Science, Conservation, Sports and Natural Sciences , its skills are transferrable to virtually any discipline. Is it difficult? Even the best of students can find the transition from GCSE to A level harder than anticipated. The AS level aims to bridge the gap, with material examined at an intermediate level between A level and GCSE, but there is still a significant workload to complete. Constantly busy and challenged by frequent homework, it will be absolutely essential to spend time reading around the subject to underpin your learning. Good grades do not just fall out of trees, they require commitment and discipline; but if you talk to the Sixth Form who study Biology then you will find that, despite the rigours, it is one of their favourite subjects! Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 15

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