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6th Form Prospectus

Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus

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valuable things about businesses and the outside world. It is very enjoyable” Art & Design BUSINESS STUDIES Examination Examination Board: Board: AQA AQA What topics are covered? • Marketing Strategies • Operations Strategies • Human Resource Strategies • Financial Strategies and Accounts • Corporate Aims and Objectives • Managing Change • The Business Environment Why study Business Studies at SGS? • Consistently impressive examination results. • 149 students have studied Business Studies at A2 level since 2001 and over 70% of them have achieved A*, A or B grades. • Enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable teaching staff. • Teaching staff with extensive AQA examining experience. • A very popular department. • Lessons are interesting and enjoyable. • Whatever you do in your professional life, it will involve some ‘business’. • Business Studies is a real, relevant and valuable subject. • You may wish to start your own business one day. • You want to study a completely different subject. • You want to broaden your learning and keep your future options open. • It combines very well with many other subjects. • It can be studied in isolation or alongside almost all other subjects at most universities. • Choosing Business Studies may open up a whole new world of education and career possibilities that you did not even know existed. What skills will I gain from studying Business Studies? You will develop analytical, evaluative, problem solving and decision making skills. An ability to apply your theoretical understanding to real business scenarios and problems. What career paths would Business Studies be suitable for? • Management • Marketing/Advertising Executive • Running your own business • Banker • Buyer • Management Consultant What trips are available? • Toyota Car Factory • Morgan Car Factory • We regularly attend various conferences. • We have had various guest speakers at school. Do I need to have studied Business Studies at GCSE? No. The course is perfectly accessible to students with no formal business knowledge and understanding. Can I study Business Studies and Economics at A level? Yes, Economics and Business Studies are treated as separate A-level subjects by most universities. • Human Resource Manager • Retail Management • Sales Executive • Law • Accountancy • Teacher/Lecturer Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 16

CHEMISTRY Examination Board: OCR What topics are covered: AS level CH1 Controlling and Using Chemical Change Development of Practical Skills Foundations in Chemistry Periodic Table and Energy Core organic chemistry A level - all of the above plus: Physical chemistry and transition elements Organic chemistry and analysis Practical endorsement Why do Chemistry at SGS? Chemistry is involved in most processes; from the functioning of the human body, the manufacture of everyday materials and the creation of elements within stars. A knowledge of Chemistry helps us to understand the world around us. At SGS we teach Chemistry with an emphasis on practical skills. We also have small class sizes and an excellent track record of success. What skills will I gain studying Chemistry? Chemistry develops analytical and problem solving skills, encouraging students to answer questions in a concise and logical fashion. Practical skills are learned whilst carrying out experiments, and evaluative skills are developed by considering the quality of resultsand how to improve experimental methods. Career paths Chemistry can be used for scientific careers such as Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Forensics and Biological Studies. Chemistry can also be used to embark on a career in other subjects such as Accounting, Law and Business and Management. Trips Students spend a day at Keele University, analysing the aspirin that they have synthesised using chromatography and spectroscopy. Frequently asked questions Q. Can I study Chemistry having taken Double Award Science? A. Yes. Both Double Award and Triple Award Science are good preparation for A- level. Q. Which subjects does Chemistry combine well with? A. Any. Chemistry is a particularly useful for students who study Biology; however students frequently study subjects such as Geography, Foreign Languages, English or Business Studies in combination with Chemistry. Q. Isn’t A-level Chemistry really difficult? A. A-level Chemistry is a demanding subject, however students who are prepared to work hard find it very rewarding. Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 17

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