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6th Form Prospectus

Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus


FURTHER MATHEMATICS Examination Board: OCR Further Mathematics is an opportunity for you to touch upon some of the Mathematics sometimes studied in the first year at University. You can access new areas of Mathematics which you may never have heard of, such as imaginary numbers and matrices, and obtain a qualification in a subject which most people hold in awe. How is the course structured and what will I learn? The course runs alongside the single Mathematics course and is designed to complement the topics and skills you learn in the single Mathematics course. You have to choose both Mathematics and Further Mathematics as 2 of your AS Level options. The new AS and A level course, planned for first teaching in September 2017, provides a broader and wider range of Mathematics than the single Mathematics course. As well as Pure Mathematics, you will study 2 further modules from a choice of Mechanics, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Additional Pure Mathematics. The modules taken are chosen in the best interests of the students taking part in the course that year and their potential future direction of work or study. AS examination is through three papers of equal length with equal weighting: ‘Pure Core Mathematics’ and then 2 further modules from the choices available. The full A level course is examined through 4 papers with equal weighting. ‘Pure Core 1’, ‘Pure Core 2’ and then 2 further modules from the choices available. Is this course suitable for me? Students should thoroughly enjoy Mathematics if taking the Further Mathematics course as 50% of their timetable will be in this subject. There is a heavy workload of practice as this proves to generate the best results. It allows a student to extend their mathematical knowledge beyond the normal boundaries. The work deals with new areas of Mathematics, rather than extending current topics further. Why should I study Further Mathematics? An AS Level in Further Mathematics is undoubtedly an asset when looking for Further Education courses in many areas, including Sciences, Economics, Technology and Computing. An A level in Further Mathematics is of great advantage if planning to study Mathematics beyond Sixth Form. Study of this course shows determination and perseverance, as well as traditionally being associated with students of the highest academic calibre. Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 27

MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES French and German – Examination board: EDEXCEL Staff delivering the courses: FRENCH: Madame Weetman; GERMAN: Herr Kirsch and Frau Smith. AS – FRENCH AND GERMAN from 2016 Paper 1 Listening, Reading and Translation into English AS LEVEL THEMES - FRENCH Theme 1: Changes to family life. • Education System • World of Work. Theme 2: Changes in music. • Media and politics • Festivals and Traditions Paper 2 Essay on a film or a text and translation into French Paper 3 Speaking (2 Tasks maximum speaking time 15 mins for both tasks). You will also have preparation time) Task 1 is based on theme 1 and Task 2 is based on theme 2. A-LEVEL – FRENCH AND GERMAN from 2016 Paper 1 Listening, Reading and Translation into English Paper 2 Two Essays on a film studied at AS and a book or play and translation into French Paper 3 Speaking Task 1 Students discuss one of the themes from AS or A-level based on a stimulus containing two different statements. Task 2, Part 1 independent research presentation. Part 2 discussion on independent research. A - LEVEL THEMES - FRENCH Theme 3: Positive Impact of Immigration on French society. • Challenges of Immigration and Integration • Rise of the far right AS LEVEL THEMES - GERMAN Theme 1: Nature and the Environmental Awareness • Education • World of Work. A - LEVEL THEMES - GERMAN Theme 3: The positive effects of immigration • The challenges of immigration and integration • The public and social response to immigration Theme 4: Occupation of France during World War 2 • The Vichy Regime. • The Resistance Theme 2: Music • Media • Role of Festivals and Traditions Theme 4: Society in East Germany before reunification. • Events leading to reunification. • Germany since reunification. Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 28

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