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6th Form Prospectus

Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus

PHYSICS Examination

PHYSICS Examination Board: OCR Specification A What topics are studied? After an introductory module which sets up the mathematical and practical skills needed, we study: Forces & Motion, Electricity, Light and Waves in the first year, forming the AS qualification; Fields, Particles, Astrophysics and Medical Physics in the second year, completing the A level. Practical work is continually assessed, and forms part of the full A level qualification. There is no practical examination. Will I cope? A lot of the work is based on familiar GCSE material, but goes beyond GCSE level to give you a more complete understanding. Some new topics are covered such as Quantum Physics, giving a glimpse of the limits of what is possible to know about the Universe. The second year stretches you further, ranging from the unimaginably small world of subatomic particles to the very edges of space and time. There is plenty of practical work throughout the course. Theoretical Physics must always be tested by experiment, and we teach you to design, carry out and evaluate experiments that reveal more about the way the world works. We believe that this practical emphasis makes studying Physics here an interesting and enjoyable experience. Our laboratories are modern and very well-equipped. What about the maths? A level Mathematics is not necessary to study A level Physics. Certainly Physics is a mathematical subject and we need to do calculations. However, the vast majority of the mathematics needed is GCSE level, so as long as you achieved a good grade at GCSE Mathematics, it won’t be a problem. In the second year you need a bit extra, but we teach that as part of the course. Both of our fully qualified Physics teachers have also taught Mathematics previously. Why should I study Physics? Physics is a fascinating subject and gives you a better understanding of the laws which govern our Universe. It is Science’s last word in the quest to know ‘Why?’, and takes us to the edge of knowledge, and the border with Philosophy. Many Arts and Humanities students take Physics to broaden their studies for this reason. Students of the other Sciences and Mathematics find that Physics complements their subject areas as well. Physics develops a logical and analytical way of thinking which is valued by many professions such as Economics, Law, Medicine, Management and Engineering. You will develop a clear, precise and considered communication style which will find wide application. Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 31

POLITICS Examination Board: AQA* Why study Politics at SGS? Politics is a living, breathing subject and in light of the Scottish referendum, the Brexit campaign and divisions within the Labour and Conservative parties, there has never been a better time to study Politics at A level! Politics offers students the opportunity to understand the events happening around you by studying people, politics and participation and the governance of modern Britain and through debate, discussion and disagreement you will shape your own views and opinions of the modern political landscape and your place within it. A level Politics offers transferable skills such as analytical and evaluative skills and the ability to select relevant material and construct and communicate arguments clearly and coherently. Such skills complement a wide range of A levels, particularly subjects such as Economics, History, Business Studies and English. In fact, Politics complements most subjects because of its immediate relevance and focus on current affairs. What topics are covered? At AS Level students will gain a broad understanding of the history and development of government and politics in the UK in order to understand in detail contemporary politics in the UK. Topics include: the nature and sources of the British constitution; the structure and role of Parliament; the Prime Minister and Cabinet; the origins, ideas and development of the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties; the role of pressure groups and the European Union. In the second year of the A Level students look beyond Britain in their study of the politics of the USA. They examine US elections, the policies of the Democrat and Republican parties, US pressure groups, racial and ethnic politics, as well as exploring the Constitution of the USA, the Congress, the presidency and the Supreme Court. They also compare different political ideas, examining the core ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism and one other. What qualifications do I need to study Politics at A level? A good standard of English is important, but the main qualification is curiosity about how society works, and an interest in current affairs. To get the most out of the subject you will need to keep up to date with current events through newspapers, TV, radio and the internet. Students must learn to question the accuracy of all the information they are presented with, whether in class, Parliament or in any form of media. What career paths would this subject be suitable for? Well regarded by universities, Politics A- Level can lead directly to single subject degrees in Politics or International Relations, and to a wide variety of combined courses. The knowledge and skills you gain will prepare you for a wide range of careers, including journalism and the media, the law, the home and diplomatic civil service, local government, business management, political research and working in the charity and voluntary sectors. *Subject to change Stafford Grammar School Sixth Form Prospectus 32

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