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If you want to set up a VPN (private network) on your Windows 10, read the tutorial or contact at Windows 10 Technical Support Number for more help and quick assistance.

Windows 10 Operating System is one of the leading OS developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 is designed with lots of advanced functions and benefits. In Windows 10, you can also easily ong>setong> ong>upong> a ong>VPNong> a private network with very simple steps. Try ong>toong> follow the steps given below ong>toong> perform the procedure on your own or call on Windows 10 Song>upong>port Number for quick help. First, you need ong>toong> click on the Windows butong>toong>n located at the botong>toong>m left of your screen Then click on “Settings” and then click on “Network Internet” After this, in the left-hand ong>toong>olbar, you need ong>toong> click on ong>VPNong> Now click on + Add a ong>VPNong> connection and enter your ong>setong>tings. Below are the information you need ong>toong> enter is- ‣ Select Windows, for ong>VPNong> provider ‣ Enter anything you would like for connection name ‣ Enter the hostname of your ong>VPNong> server or the IP address for server name or address Select the authentication ong>methodong> that your ong>VPNong> prefers At last, click on your new ong>VPNong> Connection and click Connect

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