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December 2016

Washington County

Washington County Servicemen and the Attack on Pearl Harbor By: David Bennett, Curator at the Port o’ Plymouth Museum On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. At least seven men from Washington County, North Carolina, were present that day. They include: Paul S. Ange, Robert L. Bateman, David Albert Hurley, Jr., Ray Swain, Hubert Cox, Atwood B. Davenport, and Lorenzo McNair. Paul S. Ange wrote home declaring that “the Japs were pretty thick for a while, but we fi xed that. We cleaned the Japs up.” This of course was bravado. The U.S. Pacifi c Fleet withstood a near crippling blow. By the end of the attack, more than 2,400 people were killed, over 1,100 were wounded, and nearly 20 American ships were damaged or destroyed in addition to more than 300 aircraft. Robert L. Bateman was off duty when the fi rst wave of Japanese aircraft struck. He quickly returned to the base where he displayed “extraordinary courage and disregard for his own safety” by boarding the burning USS Arizona to rescue the wounded. For his bravery Bateman received a A W F E Y R R A D B R E C NC L special citation from the U.S. Navy. The U.S. Pacific Fleet was spared from annihilation because its aircraft carriers were not in port and a group of cruisers managed to escape during the battle. Lorenzo McNair was aboard one of those cruisers. Melvin Mayo Cordon was aboard the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier, which was due back at Pearl Harbor after ferrying aircraft to Wake Island, but was delayed due to poor weather. Tragically, Ernest Davenport was killed by the Japanese Navy over 1,000 miles from Pearl Harbor. Davenport was aboard the S.S. Cynthia Olson, a cargo ship bound for Hawaii, when it was sunk by a Japanese submarine, I-26, fi fteen minutes before the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was Washington County’s first casualty of World War II. In a letter, David Hurley, Jr., remarked “what we feared would happen, has happened, but we are going to lick the hell out of those Japs.” Thus, Washington County’s residents entered the most devastating war of the 20th Century. Comments? E-Mail (252)331-2980 (252)548-4530 snConran 104 East Main Street slecerson Elizabeth City, NC Traditional shave and haircut, half price for military and law enforcement. Stylists are up to date on the latest color and styling services. C B C L Special thanks to the Golden Skillet and U.S. Cellular for sponsoring this article on behalf of the Port o’ Plymouth Museum. The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media ...... call Ken and learn how. 252-333-7232 Weddings Funerals Baby Dedications reser ofhehrsh Rev. Scott Collins 252-312-2623 Call anytime - Will Travel eesoe 25% off on all lady's clothing Weddings Proms Homecomings Coronation Balls Debutante Balls Military Balls Sororities Golden Skillet cook’in up down home cook’in 10am - 9pm Sun - Thurs 10am to 10pm Fri and Sat anll Bouu Brdal ormal udo nal 1305 W Ehringhaus Street # 125 (Known as 125 Jordan Plaza) Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (252)335-5252 or (252)338-8965 Golden Skillet Fried Chicken Call and ask about our Special Service for your Church or Civic Organization We are always looking for good people to employ. Lunch and Dinner Daily Specials Salad Bar (All Day) S N 14 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016

CHRISTMAS MEMORIES By Jimmy Fleming mrfl arpet C onnection & the Tile Shop I was born in the early 1950’s … so Christmas was truly an amazing time for me during the 50’s and 60’s. Those were the days when for two months all a kid could think about was Santa, toys, making my list, and no school. I remember just about wearing out the Sears Christmas catalog trying to get my Christmas list together. Some of my favorite memories of Christmas are eating Christmas breakfast with my grandmother Ruby. She had a tradition of oyster fritters and home made cheese biscuits early on Christmas morning and I loved it. I also really enjoyed stuffi ng my self at her house for Christmas lunch. Usually consisting of turkey, oyster dressing, baked ham, collards, and of course pecan pie or a walnut cake with fresh cow’s cream to spoon over it. Back in those days, my favorite boy toys were BB guns, a new bike, glue models (usually navy ships or military airplanes), Lincoln logs, erector sets, a big box of crayola crayons, and of course cowboy guns or army guns. Some of my favorite things to do during Christmas break were to take part in the Christmas play at our church, go deer hunting with my granddad William, and set a trap line to catch muskrats and coons. Some other things that I used to look forward to were playing with my toys with my brothers and friends. Riding our new bikes, playing football in one of the local vacant lots while pretending to be Johnny Unitas or Bart Starr, playing cowboys and Indians, or defeating the Nazis in our backyard. Also, who could forget the one time of year that you could watch Rudolf, Frosty, and Charlie Brown on TV. When I look back, Christmas is really a special time of year and should leave us with a rich tapestry of memories. I also remember being taught the true meaning of Christmas in those early years. Christmas is not gifts, ornaments, or turkey … it is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and a time for spreading goodwill toward our fellow man. I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and please be happy and do your best to make your fellow man happy during this holiday season! Carpet Wood Laminate Ceramic Vinyl 338-2050 Professional Installation Office: (252) 338-7653 Cell: (252) 339-6517 Fax: (757) 217-3997 529 S. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Lynn Bulman Realtor / Broker WILLIAM E.WOOD LOELY EWS AND SUNSETS E D CANAL FRONTNGROUND POOL B T GORGEOUS RER FRONT HOE P D STATELY HOE ON HUGE LOT P D CORNER LOT WATER FRONT HOE H L R BEAUTFUL WATERFRONT HOE D B R RER EWNEW CONSTRUCTON S A PRATE WATERFRONT RETREAT O D R Contact us at 25296517 for more information Wonder how many pictures it took to get it right? Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016 15