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December 2016

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We Specialize in Orthopedic Shoe design and repair! M-F 11am to 6 pm SAT 9 am to 6 pm P F B R E C All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. 1409 Ehringhaus South Gate Mall Adjacent to Belks Call 252-333-6472 252-202-2681 516-815-8679 When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door Submitted by Chuck O’Keefe If you’ve been around long-time investors, you’ll probably hear them say, ruefully, “If only I had gotten in on the ground fl oor of such-and-such computer or social media company, I’d be rich today.” That may be true — but is it really relevant to anyone? Do you have to be an early investor of a spectacular company to achieve investment success? Not really. Those early investors of the “next big thing” couldn’t have fully anticipated the tremendous results enjoyed by those companies. But these investors all had one thing in common: They were ready, willing and able to look for good opportunities. And that’s what you need to do, too. Of course, you may never snag the next big thing, but that’s not the point. If you’re going to be a successful investor, you need to be diligent in your search for new opportunities. And these opportunities don’t need to be brand-new to the fi nancial markets — they can just be new to you. For example, when you look at your investment portfolio, do you see the same types of investments? If you own mostly aggressive growth stocks, you have the possibility of gains — but, at the same time, you do risk taking losses, from which it may take years to recover. On the other hand, if you’re “overloaded” with certifi cates of deposit (CDs) and Treasury bills, you may enjoy protection of principal but at the cost of growth potential, because these investments rarely offer much in the way of returns. In fact, they may not even keep up with infl ation. To avoid these problems, look for opportunities to broaden your holdings. “Home of the Hickdog” Here’s another way to take advantage of opportunities: Don’t take a “time out” from investing. When markets are down, people’s fears drive them to sell investments whose prices have declined — thereby immediately turning “paper” losses into real ones — rather than holding on to quality investment vehicles and waiting for the market to recover. But successful investors are often rewarded when they not only hold on to investments during declines but also increase their holdings by purchasing investments whose prices have fallen — or adding new shares to existing investments — thereby following the fi rst rule of investing: Buy low. When the market rises again, these investors should see the value of their new investments, or the shares of their existing ones, increase in value. (Keep in mind, though, that, when investing in stocks, there are no guarantees; some stocks do lose value and may never recover.) Instead of looking for that one great “hit” in the form of an early investment in a skyrocketing stock, you’re better off by seeking good opportunities in the form of new investments that can broaden your existing portfolio or by adding additional shares, at good prices, to your existing investments. These moves are less glitzy and glamorous than getting in on the ground fl oor of the next big thing – but, in the long run, they may make you look pretty smart indeed. Chuck O’Keefe is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. Edward Jones (252) 335-0352 Find me on Facebook at: Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Chuck O’Keefe Mention this Ad and get a free Hot Dog when you purchase a Hot Dog. Need to protect your property? Call the Elizabeth City Police Department and fi nd out about Anti-Theft Micro Dots and High Security Labels. Contact Officer Latoya Flanigan at 252-335-4321 Ext. 284 e a Lady LLC eri yder 252-202-535 raneae, enae an ieae Mie heater rn, aree 36 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016 eistered I ta aent ericalltetaladynet calltetaladynet

Christmas Remembered in the Albemarle By: Wanda Lassiter, Curator, Museum of the Albemarle As Christmas approaches, everyone in the region scurries to decorate their tree, replace blown-out bulbs, bring out the snow shovels, and fi nish some last minute shopping. Area residents have been celebrating Christmas with the same “hustle and bustle” as their ancestors. Digging into our archival vault and into our library records reveals just exactly how Christmas and the winter season affected our ancestors. Take a breather from your holiday preparations and reminisce about those of Christmas past. Writer Catherine Albertson described a colonial era Christmas at Elmwood, the old Swann Homestead in Pasquotank County. “At Christmas, invitations would be issued to the family of the gentry in the nearest counties, to attend a great ball at Elmwood. The old house would be fi lled from garret to cellar, and the hospitable homes of nearby friends would open to take in the overfl ow of guests. Dames and maidens coy, clad in quaint and picturesque gowns and satin slippers, made stately courtesy to gay dandies and jovial squires arrayed in coats of many colors, broidered vests, knee breeches and silken hose, brilliant buckles at the knee and on slippers, their long hair worn ringleted and curled, or tied in queues.” Abigail Brothers (1857-1933) describes the winters of her childhood in Pasquotank County as “very cold. There were many snows and the watercourses froze frequently. Almost everybody skated; and how well I recall the falls we got in learning—painful for the moment but soon forgotten.” We here at the Museum of the Albemarle invite you to join us in celebrating this wonderful time of the year. Come and visit the Museum to learn more about your regional history. L U Scott Collins Collins Maintenance and Janitorial C H collinsmaintenancejanitorial@ For Ever More The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. -- Nikola Tesla Family by Pastor Dan Bergey Family, what does that word really mean? It seems that each one of us have our own idea about family and often it is based on our experiences in life. Add busy holiday schedules of purchasing gifts, work parties, family gatherings. Throw in trying to be around people you may not like, and it seems almost too much to deal with, and for a lot of people it is. Scripture tells us to “Show respect for everyone. Love Christians everywhere. Fear God and honor the government.” 1 Peter 2:17 TLB. If you are one of those individuals who are struggling during this time of year then seek out someone who can encourage you through it. If you are an individual who loves Jesus, then seek out those who are struggling. Sometimes this is hard because of being busy. By : Ron Ben-Dov December is a time of celebration For our Savior was born this season His Word, love, peace, and harmony Are freely shared On most birthdays you give a present But Jesus is the gift The gift that keeps on giving Happy birthday to my Jesus I will follow you, forever more. At New Life of Currituck, the goal is to create family, people we can depend on. Love on, and share life with each other. This is hard at times when life experiences leave us doubting family. This year during this holiday season, if you want to start a new tradition of health and wholeness try a Church family. I know how diffi cult it may be a first, but without Jesus Christ and my Church family I don’t know how I could make it through life without them. If you are struggling this holiday season do not hesitate to call, and we will fi nd someone you can talk too. When we experience the joy of encouraging relationships together, life can be so different then what we have experienced that originally left us thinking negative things about family. We pray you fi nd the simple joy of the true meaning of family this Christmas season. Office - 252-453-2773 Church website - Dan Bergey - Senior Pastor Born in Telaviv, Israel Lived in NY from ages fi ve until eighteen, becoming a U.S. citizen at eleven. A US Navy veteran, merchant seaman, graduate of ECSU with a BS in Accounting. Was a Motor Fuels Tax Auditor for NC, and currently employed as an IT Security Control Specialist for a local EC NC bank. In 2008 a life changing event occurred and the fl ow of faith based poetry has run ever since. More of my poetry can be found at: Ron Ben- Dov at Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016 37