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Tradewinds December 2016 CC Web Final

December 2016

Peace on Earth,

Peace on Earth, Good-Will to Dogs by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott J N B N E D D S S M C W E P H K B S P N E W C N M P M C E M B S D W W E P E M D P S E H K D M C P S E C K B N P S W S S N W M E J S S K C S S D K D M P E N H E D E W E E S J E W J M E E W N S M S H C S E D W D E E K C P C J M C W B B E C D W C W E E K M E J C N K J H S N S C P H P H P W S S Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (Mrs. Fordyce Coburn) (September 22, 1872 – June 4, 1958) was a nationally recognized American author. She was a frequent contributor to The Ladies’ Home Journal. Eleanor Hallowell Abbott was born on September 22, 1872, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Abbott was the daughter of clergyman Edward Abbott, who edited the journal Literary World; and the granddaughter of noted children’s author Jacob Abbott. Eleanor Hallowell Abbott grew up surrounded by literary and religious luminaries due to her father and grandfather. This resulted her in growing up knowing many famous literary people, like Longfellow and Lowell. This caused her childhood home to be one of great religious and scholarly thought. After attending private schools in Cambridge, she began courses at Radcliffe College. After completing her studies worked as a secretary and teacher at Lowell State Normal School. Here she began to write poetry and short stories, but had little success in the beginning. It was only when Harper’s Magazine accepted two of her poems that she saw promise in her work. This led to her winning three short-story prizes offered by Collier’s and The Delineator. Source: Wikipedia D J P E M K M E H D C C J S D C P E J W S D E W P N E E S P P M C S M M E E D C christmasing furniture lopsy fl ame waistcoat sanitary please adventures pine puckered expeditiously stammered romantic distinctions cordial plaintive mysterious suddenly impatient methodical If you buy a printed ad from Albemarle Tradewinds , you also have access to our social media. o one h Pet roomin rac nter roomertt -- orth Rer R amen oonechcetroomnecom For rt tme ctomer menton th a an et a cont o or ate chc room acae Books Toys Gifts Book Groups, Monthly Events and Fun! 4 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016

What could be better than going holiday shopping through a whole series of small, quaint stores full of wonderful and unusual items laid out in elegant or charming displays? Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the traffic and the crowds at big city stores? Imagine feeling relaxed and unrushed, not jostled by other shoppers or fi ghting for the last item of a slightly dubious deep discount that may or may not be there when you fi nally make it through the line to the check out. And then, with bags full of gifts that refl ect the individual personalities of the receivers, you can sit down for a delicious and leisurely lunch at a peaceful restaurant with good food and attentive servers? Is it just a dream? No! It’s Perquimans County! We all know that the Saturday after Thanksgiving is dedicated to “Shopping Small,” patronizing locally owned, neighborhood businesses that bring income and employment to your home town and home county. But, it doesn’t have to end there! Of course you want the thrill and adventure of braving the crowded highways and bustling malls of the metropolis at least once or twice during the holiday season, but remember how calm and relaxed you felt on Small Business Saturday? You don’t have to lose that feeling. Make Shopping Small and showing your love for local business a holiday shopping habit! By: Colleen Brown Assistant to the Director Come to Hertford in Perquimans County and sample the delights of The Silver Fox of Hertford, Hertfordshire Antiques, Small Town Trendz, Relax, Woodard’s Pharmacy (which has an amazing selection of toys and other goodies), Hertford Bargain Center (one of the largest collections of rare Depression glassware and other antique dishes in the area), the Perquimans Arts League Gallery & Gift Shop, Grandma’s Treasures and many other small, local businesses. Stop for lunch at Brew2Rescue on Church Street or the 252 Grille on Berry which also houses a whole collection of micro-shops offering the work of local artisans. Then, venture a lengthy 10 minutes down the road to Belvidere where Layden’s County Store’s Christmas Shop is busy preparing gift baskets heavy with smoked meats, Wisconsin cheese, old fashioned candy & other wonders, for that diffi cult-to-please person on your gift list. After Layden’s, stop by the tiny, quaint Red’s just across the street or, just a little further, the Nicholson House Gift Shop which is, handily, attached to the Tea Parlor which serves a lovely county lunch or afternoon tea to refresh you during your leisurely day of shopping. Come to Perquimans County to Shop Small! Fill out your holiday gift list with ease in an atmosphere of comfort and ease while promoting local business! What could be better? EDS-1878G-A This year, stuff their piggy banks instead of their stockings To learn about all the holiday gift options available, call or visit a financial advisor today. Chuck O'Keefe Financial Advisor . 207 N Water St Elizabeth City, NC 27909 252-335-0352 The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external infl uences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a fl oat tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea. -- Nikola Tesla Elizabeth City Pawn & Guns Member SIPC 97 252-209-0999 5 252-2-979 7 Phone: 252-426-5657 Twitter @PQChamber hristmas aaa o 0 hringhaus t 22-33- 729 e u old et to ears Albemarle Tradewinds December 2016 5