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November 2016

Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity CHRISTIAN REFLECTIONS A certain brother committed an offence in Scetis, the camp of the monks; and when a congregation was assembled on this matter, they sent after Abba Moses, but he refused to come. Then they sent the priest of the church to him, saying, “Come, for all the people are expecting you,” and he rose up and came. He took a basket with a hole in it and filled it with sand, and carried it upon his shoulders. The others came out to meet him said to him, “What is this, Father?” The old man said to them, “My sins run out behind me and I do not see them; and today I am come to judge shortcomings which are not mine.” And when they heard this they said no more to the brother but forgave him. from “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers” “The heart can change several times in one moment - to good or evil, to faith or unbelief, to simplicity or cunning, to love or hatred, to benevolence or envy, to generosity or avarice, to chastity or fornication. O, what inconstancy! O, how many dangers! O, how sober and watchful we must be!” St. John of Kronstadt “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 Go to God’s temple more often, especially when you’re in afflictions. It’s good to stand in some dark corner and pray and weep from your heart. St. Barsanuphius of Optina When conversion does take place, the process of revelation occurs in a very simple way: a person is need, he suffers, and then somehow the other world opens up. The more you are in suffering and difficulties and are desperate for God, the more He is going to come to your aid, reveal who He is, and show you the way to get out. Fr. Seraphim Rose. God’s Revelation to the Human Heart, p.37 Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future. Fr. John All chapters copyright © 2016 by author Nick. Martone.; inquiries c/o St. George’s Church, P.O. Box 38, Edenton, NC. (252) 482-2006. 100% homemade soap with only natural ingredients. This one is an olive oil soap with zest from different citrus fruits. Super skinnourishing with an excellent fresh scent and light lather. $4 per bar lily.paige.w@ 8 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2016

AFTER THE SHOOTING--WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? In the event that you are forced to shoot someone in self-defense, there are several things you must do. What you do and say now will determine whether you go home, to jail, or even prison. What seemed like a clear-cut case of self-defense to you may not appear so to an anti-gun prosecutor, judge, jury, or family of the decedent. The first thing you should do is make sure your attacker is no longer a threat. Do not fire extra shots once the attacker is down. If you can get a safe distance away, do so as soon as possible. If you cannot get away, then make sure his weapon cannot be used against you further. Avoid contaminating it with your fingerprints. You may want to render first aid only IF you can safely do so. Double check that your weapon’s safety is on. Holster your weapon, and conceal it (if you have a CCW permit). There is no need to cause further excitement and panic by waiving a gun around. Pause for a minute and collect your thoughts. 911 calls are recorded, and anything you say may very well be used against you. Call 911. Tell them where you are, that someone attacked you, that you feared for your life, and you shot them. Tell them that you need an ambulance and the police. Describe yourself so the police will not mistake you for the attacker or an accomplice. Feel free to repeat that you need an ambulance for a gunshot, and the police, etc., and give any helpful information to allow the responders to find you. But, DO NOT repeat details of the shooting. If the operator insists on talking about the details, just tell them that you need to go, and hang up. If you repeat any details, there is a risk that you will make an inconsistent statement on tape, that might later be used against you. While you are waiting for the police, call your attorney. Try to have the conversation in private if possible. Anything that anyone overhears may be used against you. Look for witnesses. Get names, addresses, phone numbers. If they are uncooperative, take pictures of them with your cell phone. Take pictures of the scene as well. Look for any surveillance cameras and determine who they belong to. When the police arrive, meet them in a non-aggressive manner. Do not make any moves for your wallet, and certainly not for your weapon. Identify yourself, and tell the officer where the weapon is. Cooperate fully in providing your ID, your CCW permit, and surrendering the weapon. Respectfully decline to discuss what happened without first having an attorney present. The police may not want to take that for By: Joe Forbes an answer, but you must firmly, respectfully stand your ground on this. If you cannot reach an attorney until the next morning, then take it in stride. Spending one night in jail beats spending life in prison. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Jails are full of people who will use anything they can to get themselves out of trouble. These characters are famous for taking one tiny detail that you provide, and stretching it into whatever story the police want to hear. Discuss the case ONLY with your attorney. Stay off social media. Don’t discuss it with your friends. Don’t give interviews to the press. Stay out of the public if you possibly can. Remember, it’s not just the police who are a potential threat. The decedent’s family may be filing a wrongful death civil action against you, and they are looking for evidence as well. Finally, there is the possibility of violence from the decedent’s family and friends. Get used to the idea that this may very well be unresolved for the rest of your life, and deal with it. There is no statute of limitations for felonies in NC. You may very well need counseling from a psychiatrist or a minister. Seek that help if you need it. Both are covered by evidentiary privilege. Don’t ever assume that it is safe to talk about it outside of a protected setting. Loft Gardens Intimate gatherings at the loft gardens Sleeps up to 10 Book your holidays events with loft gardens Call Doris at 252 339 6317 for rates. Albemarle Tradewinds November 2016 9