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Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 Final

October 2016

Loft Gardens Intimate

Loft Gardens Intimate gatherings at the loft gardens Sleeps up to 10 Book your holidays events with loft gardens Call Doris at 252 339 6317 for rates. Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity by Jane Elfring Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity is currently accepting applications for families interested in applying to purchase a Habitat for Humanity home in Elizabeth City and Camden County. The affiliate had hoped to build a house in 2016 but didn’t couldn’t find a qualified applicant. “We had a number of applicants who could demonstrate a need but they didn’t have the necessary credit score or income,” said Fran Sutton, president of Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity. “When we choose a family, we want to make sure they will be successful home buyers.” Although ECHFH does not charge interest on the loans and sells the houses at cost, qualified applicants must be able to pay a monthly mortgage of $600, which includes taxes and insurance. This payment must not exceed 30% of the family’s gross monthly income. In addition to meeting income requirements, applicants must live in either Pasquotank or Camden County, have a need for the house (such as high rent or utility bills, poor insulation, unsafe or unsanitary conditions), and must be willing to partner with ECHFH by contributing 500 hours of “sweat equity.” Sweat equity hours can be earned by attending new homeowner meetings to learn how to budget, working in the local Sale Store, working on the construction of their own home and working on other homes being built in the area. After applications are received and reviewed, a member of the Family Selection Committee arranges a home visit to access the family’s need. Applicants must also meet with a mortgage broker to examine their credit history. After this information has been gathered, the Family Selection Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning qualified applicants. “It is important that people who wish to apply to realize that these houses are not given away,” Sutton explained. “There are qualifications for these no-interest mortgages just as there would be for conventional mortgages.” Habitat houses typically have 1100-1200 sq. ft. They are simple houses built to get families into a decent affordable house of their own. ECHFH will be partnering with the City of Elizabeth City to make the Elizabeth City home as energy efficient as possible. Applications are available at Taylor Mueller Realty, 440 S. Hughes Blvd. or at the ECHFH Sale Store, 306 Mill St. Applicants must submit the completed application, credit report, proof of income and proof of employment. For further information, contact Fran Sutton, 252-338-8360, or Jane Elfring, 252-384-0115. Jane Elfring, Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity Vice-President 252-384-0115 Jane Elfring is a local freelance writer for My Outer Banks Home and other local publications and a ghostwriter for LifebookUK. A retired teacher and journalist, she is involved in a number of local civic organizations. 22 Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016

IT’S TUNALICIOUS! --- And It’s The Only Way I’ll Have it. By Rosie Hawthorne Tuna rates at the top of my meat list. I love it. Our meal today is rare tuna strips with a lemon butter sauce along with potato spirals, curly scallions, and a side of sautéed mushrooms and green beans. Seared Tuna Serves 2 2 tuna filets, 1-inch thick Freshly ground pepper Peanut oil 2 TB unsalted butter Coat tuna heavily in pepper. Heat iron skillet over medium high heat with a thin coating of peanut oil. Add butter. I use the oil to raise the smoke temperature and I use the butter for the flavor. When butter is foamy, put in filets. Cook 2 minutes first side and 1 ½ minutes second side for rare. Sauce 4 TB unsalted butter Juice of one lemon 1 TB chopped green olives 1 tsp chopped green peppercorns 1 tsp capers Melt butter. Add rest of ingredients. Heat through. Spoon over tuna. For the potato spirals: I don’t bother peeling my potatoes. I like the peel. If you don’t, go ahead and peel. I have an inexpensive spiralizer cutting gadget that I used to make the curly fries. After cutting, I soaked the potatoes in a bowl of ice water for about 10 minutes to remove excess starch. Place on paper towels in a single layer and pat with towels. Leave out for about 15 minutes to air dry. Heat peanut oil in a deep fryer to 350° and fry the spirals until golden brown. Always fry in batches. Never overcrowd the frying pan; it lowers the temperature of the oil and you’ll get greasy instead of crisp. Drain on a rack, not paper towels. For the curly scallions: Trim bulbs (white part) from green onions, stick in a glass of water, set in a sunny window, and let grow into lovely scallions. Trim remaining stems (green part) to 4-inch lengths. Using sharp knife, slice each section of green stems vertically into tiny strips peeling apart with fingers. Fill bowl with cold water and ice cubes. Add green onion strips. Refrigerate until onions curl, about 1 hour; drain. For more recipes, tours of my garden, and the occasional travelogue, please visit with Rosie at For any culinary questions, e-me at Rosie Did you know the Albemarle Tradewinds is located in more than 250 locations in NENC and Chesapeake? Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 23