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Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 Final

October 2016

By the time you read

By the time you read this article the North Carolina bowhunting season will be in full swing. I hope you have had the opportunity to go out into the woods and fields to try and get your first deer of the year. Perhaps you have had the chance to see a nice buck or doe. Now is when all those arrows shot in practice, all those times learning your effective range, comes into play. There is the deer, 30 yards away.... it’s just beyond your range of comfort.... you think,,, “maybe I’ll just try to the shot....!” Do you? Do you take a shot at a range you aren’t positively sure you can make a humane kill ? That’s the question isn’t it? This situation all boils down to one concept …. ethics. Are you being true to your ethics as a bow hunter? For that matter... what are your ethics. What are your “standards” for hunting in the woods today. Even with all this marvelous technical equipment, whether it is with the most recent compound with all the bells and whistles or the most modern made recurve or longbow, every shot you make boils down to your code of ethics. Hunting with a bow requires a closeness to the game that must be achieved in order to be effective. Distance shooting is NOT the goal here. The goal is to get as close as possible when hunting an animal. In most bowhunting classes the instructors try to emphasize that the only shots a bowhunter should take is broadside or quartering away. Not shots facing directly away, directly Right Way Rescue Talmage Dunn 252-267-5437 District 1 Wildlife Rep for NCBA underneath, quartering towards, or straight-on shots. There are those that have taken these shots and been successful, many more have not. The anatomy of our big game has not changed that these shots are ethical much less should be attempted in a hunting situation. Why spend those countless hours in the field and on the practice range only to attempt a shot you are unsure of? Shot placement is what we practice for... the difference in taking a bad shot and making a bad shot is tremendous. Bad shots can and do happen to all of us at one time or another, an unseen twig, a jumpy alert target, or simply a case of nerves can send our arrow off it’s mark. These happen to even the most seasoned bowhunter. Our job, as ethical hunters, is to keep these shots to a minimum. When we begin to consciously take questionable shots … we become trapped in the cycle that defines our success by the number of animals we take than by the code of ethics we hunt by. Think about your ethics and decisions when out in the field. Taking the shot, when and how, is only a first step. Before you release that arrow from your bow … make sure it is an ethical shot, well within your capable and accurate range. Do your best to be safe in the woods this season. Check the regulations for your hunting area. Check your equipment. Good hunting and have fun! Hello All!! This month at our rescue has been so busy that i ALMOST didn’t get in the article for this month also!! So far, since starting, we have now taken in a total of 130 barn yard animals and re-homed over 100 of them to date. This week will be getting in a new horse that was actually slaughter bound and we managed to pull her from the feed lot! We have also got in 2 new potbelly pigs this month (Thelma and Louise) and hopefully have already found them a home. We get potbelly pigs on a regular basis due to the lack of information given to buyers from the breeders. People seem to think there is such things as teacup pigs, they don’t exist , the average potbelly aka mini pig will grow to be on average 60-80 lbs (definitely NOT 25 lbs) and they should be eating 1/2c of pig feed twice a day. If they are staying teacup size they aren’t being fed as they should be and they are being starved. So PLEASE if you are considering a potbelly as a pet, google and research it completely prior to purchase or adopting!! We are trying our best still to function with no funding. We work on donations alone and have no paid positions in our organization! If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation via Paypal type in rightwayrescue4life@ as the receiver! You can also donate on our facebook page! Anything is always appreciate!! If you need help with a barn yard animal that you can no longer afford PLEASE contact us before it turns into a neglect case @252-722- 6700 Thanks! -Amber 38 Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016

All through the years before the strife that was to pit father against son, and brother against brother, Freemasons, and all other right thinking men and women, worked to prevent war. The fanatics on both sides won and all the citizens lost After Lincoln baited the south in his 1861 inauguration speech to fire upon Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor South Carolina by sending Yankee reinforcements and ammunition along with extensive supplies to the fort after he agreed not to do so until after sectional discussions were finalized, but his not allowing anyone to meet with a Confederate emissary commission on peace terms after they had arrived in Washington and were kept waiting being put off day after day while he was making alternate plans for a double cross to not allow the congress to become aware of his plans to initiate His plans for Fort Sumter, which in his way was being untruthful and underhanded. In all this dishonest lying, the “not so honest abe” Lincoln started The War of Northern Aggression (also labeled as Lincoln’s war) all these were done without congressional approval. A statement was made that Grand Lodges of Freemasons throughout the country, and masons as individuals, were doing everything within their power to bring about peace. After the situation at Fort Sumter, again without congressional approval the “not so honest abe “ ordered the recruitment of seventy five thousand troops for Yankee units from southern states to fire on their brother southern states which caused the secession of the final southern states which brought the amount to thirteen. After Arkansas joined the Confederacy, and the Yankees entered there was relentless ransacking and total destruction of everything by them. The Masonic library of the Grand Master of Arkansas, General Albert Pike was saved from destruction at the hands of those underhanded and selfish Yankees All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Freemasons During The War Between The States By Dr. Dave Referencing the book house undivided by Allen Roberts published by McCoy Publishing (continued last month) by a grand master of Iowa (a Yankee colonel), placed a guard around the library grounds and building to keep it from being burnt. From the Mississippi’s Grand Lodge a report was made: Thus throughout the length and breadth of the land, prosperity prevails. Even though now on our southern horizon overcasts of black clouds from northern political fanaticisms, the kindly spirit which pervades our brotherhood from northern frosts to southern skies, we firmly believe its unseen influence will gradually temper these temporary waves of Yankee madness, and selfishness and make our whole country abide forever and ever, the light and admiration, the blessing of the world, when all efforts at conciliation shall have failed, our beloved order, powerful alone for good, may by a united effort throughout the length and breadth of our land, bring about that harmony which alone can save our common country. Masons and well-meaning citizens continued to hold out hope for a peaceful settlement of the difficulties existing between the two sections of the country. A peace convention called by Virginia masons and state men met in Washington on February 4th 1861 but could accomplish nothing with the arrogant Yankee politicians. On April 9th 1861 the Confederate commissioners tried again for a peace conference , but again those arrogant Yankee state department officials in Washington refused to receive them. The cabinet of Lincoln was all for giving up fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, S.C., but on April 12th 1861 in the early morning Lincoln on his own accord sent a fleet of Yankee ships to reinforce and crisply fort Sumter , while the Confederate peace commissioners were still waiting an audience with Lincoln’s cabinet, thereby the underhanded Lincoln started the War of Northern Aggression. For more Dr. Dave recipes, a book is available by contacting Dr Dave at 252-312-0295 All proceeds go to the Oak Grove United Methodist Church Tyler Pudding 1 fresh coconut (grated) 6 eggs large 5 cups of sugar 1 cup of thick cream ½ cup of butter 4-9” uncooked pie crust Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs, well-beaten; then add the cream and last the Coconut. Place into four pie pans. Place in preheated 300 degree oven and bake for 15 or 20 minutes or until done Did you know the Albemarle Tradewinds is located in more than 250 locations in NENC and Chesapeake? Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 39