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Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 Final

October 2016

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party Statement on Charlotte Tragedy by Brian Irving, Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina We join with the Scott family in this unimaginably difficult time to remember their son Keith: a husband, a father of seven children, and a vital member of his community. While we wait for the painfully careful processes of investigation and adjudication, we mourn the fact his life has been needlessly cut short and that his family grieves. Our state is poorer for all that has happened over that last days. We also join in mourning with the family of Justin Carr, who was shot and killed during the unrest in Charlotte this week. Both of these deaths were senseless and unnecessary. We have let this go on for too long. Further inaction is unacceptable. North Carolina must become a home where its citizens are free to err, and free to begin again, fresh and hopeful. Legislators should repeal victimless crime laws so there are fewer warrants, indictments, and reasons to stop and frisk. North Carolinians should focus on supporting families and building communities instead of making new laws and adding more bodies to the jails. “For a moment, every public official and all civic leaders must put down their political ambition and forget their differences,” said Lon Cecil, Libertarian candidate for governor. “We all must see that what ended these lives was the tension that North Carolina has cultivated between our people and our law enforcement agencies. “Keith Scott was among millions in daily fear for his life,” Cecil said. “He did not throw his life away. It was not a whim. It is not reasonable or excusable, because of some supposed momentary lack of judgement, that he is gone.” Olen Watson, Libertarian candidate for state House 38 added, “We must remember Keith Scott, Akiel Denkins, and those whose lives have been taken before them. We must consider these losses as a call to action, to be better than we have been.” - Frustration in African-American community is understandable. Protest is justified. But violence will not solve the problem. - Overwhelming majority of protests were peaceful. We should not let few bad actors divert us from the real problem – peace and justice. - Social media, and conflicting stories spread by supposed “eye-witnesses” who weren’t there make it more difficult to uncover the truth. - Justice system, even as flawed as it is, must be given time to work. - Real issue is police forces around the United States are becoming dangerously militarized in both tactics and equipment, owing largely to the War on Drugs and the federal government’s selling them military surplus. - Armored personnel carriers, rocket-propelled grenades, and tactical military equipment have no place on our city streets. - Libertarians call for immediately ending police militarization. - Police should be peacekeepers who protect the people of their communities and serve them with respect, not as an occupying army. - Use of military surplus equipment and supplies by domestic police departments should be strictly prohibited. - Libertarians also call for immediately ending the disastrously failed War on Drugs and for repeal of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which provides for dispensation of military equipment to federal and state law enforcement agencies for “counter-drug activities.” - This will take away the pretext for excessive use of force and leave police with just one crime-fighting mandate: go after only those who pose a real threat to others. - Crime will go way down, killings of the innocent will end, and Americans will be safe from injustice in their homes and in the streets. - MLK quote: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Did you know the Albemarle Tradewinds is located in more than 200 locations in NENC and Chesapeake? Classes at the Bead Spot Classes at The Bead Spot are by appointment during shop hours, Wednesdays thru Saturday 10am to 4pm. All classes are $20 per person plus materials. Participants can choose to learn the basics of jewelry making. Students will learn how to string and finish a necklace with a clasp and make a pair of earrings. Additional classes include: Introduction to Kumihimo – the Japanese art of braiding cord. Kumihimo II – Learn to add beads to your Kumihimo braid. Beadweaving Classes: Peyote, Herringbone, Brick Stitch, Dutch Spiral, etc – The bead weaving sessions demonstrate various techniques working with needle, thread and seed beads. For those who read between the lines, the old patriot’s cry for liberty can still be heard. 46 Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016

WHAT MIGHT I HAVE FORGOTTEN…………..? By: Publius Many of those who have made or are in the process of making preparation for what the future might bring, often wonder if there are other items which they should include in their planning. Following is a compilation of lists from around the country. These are some of the most popular items which others have included in their emergency supplies. It is also representative of what could be considered a number of the top 100 items to first disappear from convenient availability in the event of an emergency. Please remember to tailor your list to the requirements of your particular area and personal situation. If one of each item is good, two or more is better. This is not intended to be a comprehensive preparation list. It was created by combining the suggestions of many individuals who felt it would be helpful to others who had not included some of the items. These are not in order of importance as that varies with each situation and location. Begin with the best quality waterproof BIBLE you can locate and then consider the following items. 1) Hand pumps and siphons for water and fuel (2) Rain gear & waterproof boots (3) Cots & air mattresses (4) Hats and cotton neckerchiefs (5) Hand spray bottles for cooling and bathing (6) Lumber (7) Reading glasses (8) Woolen clothing & scarves, mittens (9) Alkaline Batteries (10) First Aid Kits (11) Waterproof Matches & Butane Lighters (12) LED Flashlights , candles, lightsticks & lanterns (13) Cast Iron Cookware (14) Plastic Garbage Cans & Liners (15) Insulated Ice Chests (16) Large Dog, Lots of Dog Food & Monthly Meds (heartworm) Food for other pets (17) Work boots, belts, jeans, durable clothing & leather gloves (18) Writing paper, pens, pencils, crayons & permanent markers (19) Journals, diaries & scrapbooks (20) Fishing & hunting supplies (21) Duct tape (22) Tarps w/stakes, rope, nails & spikes (23) Knives & sharpening tools (24) Bicycles & spare parts (25) Sleeping bags, sleeping cap, blankets, pillows & mats (26) Games, cards & board games (27) Rodent control, D-Con, Mouse Prufe II & roach killer (28) Mouse & rat traps (29) Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies (30) Backpacks & duffel bags (31) Garden Tools, seeds (non-hybrid) fertilizer & insecticide (32) Insect control (individuals) Sprays, creams and liquids containing “DEET” (33) Clorox unscented regular strength bleach (34) Battery powered smoke/carbon monoxide detector (35)Liquid laundry detergent (36) Paper plates, cups, utensils & paper towels (stock up with plenty) (37) Shaving supplies (38) Boy Scout Handbook (39) Window insulation kits (40) Extra supply of socks, underwear, ect. (41) Glue, nails, nuts & bolts, screws & wire (42) Paraffin wax (43) Screen patch kit (44) Wagons & carts (45) Baby wipes, oils, skin lotion, waterless & antibacterial soap (46) Generators (47) Water filters/purifiers (48) Portable Toilets (49) Seasoned firewood (50) Lamp Oil, wicks, lamps (51) Camp stove fuel (all you can get for your stove or trade) (52) Guns & ammo plus pepper spray. (Do not skimp on these items!) (53) Portable water containers (54) Propane miniheater head (55) Propane cylinders (please stock up on these as shortages will occur) (56) Book or books on emergency situations. (57) Lantern mantles (58) Propane cook stoves (59) Clothes pins and line. (60) Coleman’s pump repair kit (61) Fire Extinguishers or large box of Baking Soda in every room (62) Thermal underwear (63) Bow saws, axes & hatchets (64) Charcoal lighter fluid and charcoal (65) Hand can openers, whisks & hand egg beaters (66) Washboard, mop bucket with wringer (for laundry) (67) Grain grinderhand cranked (68) Propane 1 pound cylinder handle (69) Heavy and regular aluminum foil (70) Toilet paper, Kleenex & wet wipes (71) Baby supplies (72) Canning supplies (73) Portable 12 volt solar panel(s), charge controller & storage battery(s) (74) Inverter 12 volt to 120 volt. Google Sportsman’s Guide for an excellent 165 watt portable panel with stand & charge controller (75) Vegetable cooking oil (food must be boiled or roasted over a fire if you do not use oil to prevent sticking to the pan) At least 5 gallons in half- gallon containers. In an emergency situation, high grade cooking oil can also be used in basic cotton wick oil lamps (76) Solar battery chargers for AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt batteries along with a good supply of rechargeable batteries (77) Enough gasoline to run things for 30 to 60 days. More would be much better. (78) Communication equipment. Two-way radios on CB, marine or amateur frequency. All three would be best. Include several sets of walkie talkies on the same frequencies as your base stations (79) Scanner to monitor local area activity and a general coverage receiver for am, fm and shortwave radio (80) Faraday cage to protect your electronics. Google this item to learn how to construct your unit or use everyday items to provide the protection needed (81) Correct antenna for each radio (82) Nylon rope in various diameters and lengths (83) Cable or chain “come-along” tool (84) Folding shovel, machete with scabbard and canteen, all mounted on a web military belt. (85) Quality sling shot with supply of steel ball ammo and extra surgical tubing launching rubber. (86) Bow and extra arrows, hunting broadheads and string (87) Top quality surgical rubber gloves in extra large size. (Four or five of the large boxes) (88) Several small portable am/fm radios which use the AA size batteries (89) Twelve volt Auto starting Battery Booster Pac with cigarette lighter plug socket and charge indicator on front. (Booster Pac 5000) (90) Coleman camp stove oven w/temperature indicator (91) Gamma Seal screw off lids with o-rings. These convert the regular 3.5, 5, 6, and 7 gal, plastic buckets to easily accessible airtight and waterproof storage containers. I have tried these and they are great. Generally available at Lowes stores and online from a multitude of vendors (92) Magnifying glasses and various power loupes. (93) Large roll of heavy duty plastic sheeting (94) Assorted sizes of surplus military ammo cans (waterproof, airtight and almost indestructible) (95) Several boxes of the five minute epoxy in the 9 oz. size by Devcon and a supply of JB WELD on the card bubble pack display. Lowes normally has both in stock. The Devcon has a strength of 1500 psi and the JB WELD can withstand temperature extremes and threads well (96) Large cast iron pot (3-5 gal.) with hanger and steel tripod with which to hang over a fire (97) Whistles, horns or any other signaling device, including mirrors (98) Musical instrument(s) (99) Paperwork and photo ID to prove who you are. (100) Several more of the best quality waterproof Bibles you can find. Should you wish to view previous articles in this series you will find back issues online at “Nationalism is an infantile sickness. It is the measles of the human race.” -- Albert Einstein For school or work. The outside pocket is for keeping up with small goods. The left inside pocket friction fits iPad “Air” 1 and 2. The right side holds the Apica B5 sized notebook. $100 All orders are made at the time they are ordered, please allow 1-3 weeks for completion and delivery. Made Locally in Elizabeth City Albemarle Tradewinds October 2016 47