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Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016 Web Final

September 2016

Becoming an Encore

Becoming an Encore Theatre Dress Circle Season Subscriber By Mary Cherry President, Encore Theatre Company Space for Encore sponsored by: George and Co It’s hard for me to believe that we are about to start our 25th season! When we started Encore Theatre Company, there was no Maguire Theatre and no Center Players. We were the only Community Theatre in the area. Through our association with the Arts of the Albemarle, we created the Main Street Stage which was our home for 13 years before we moved into the newly renovated Maguire. We are blessed to have had the support of our community for so many years. In the past 25 years, with the help of our Dress Circle Season Subscribers, community businesses and our audience at large we have produced many quality shows, over 75 productions in all for the community. We’ve managed our money well and recently we were able to purchase and renovate a building to serve as our rehearsal space and storage facility. Everything is now housed under one roof. We build sets, store our costumes, props & furniture and rehearse there. The Dress Circle has been a very important part of our success. It gives us the extra funding to bring you the best programming we can. Since we receive no government funding, our ticket sales, advertising and Dress Circle supports our shows and organization. We have many perks for our season subscribers. You can select your seating well in advance of the general public, Opening Night and the reception after are exclusive to the Dress Circle and since we are a 501.c.3 a portion of you donations is tax deductible. We know that there are many demands on time and resources but believe that a vibrant arts community in a small town is key to revitalization of the community and our quality of life. The arts bridge the gaps of understanding by bringing together many diverse audiences. Each year we have the privilege to entertain you with great shows. For our Silver Anniversary Season, we have a wonderful season planned. Two comedies and a musical that are sure to transport you to a happy place. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you at our first production in October, Running Mates. If you would like information on becoming a Dress Circle Season Subscriber please contact me at 252 338-3382 or pick up our brochure at Arts of the Albemarle and many locations around town. Made from vegetable tanned leather and hand waxed cotton canvas; this pack has ample room to store everything you need for a day on the trails. Waxed to protect from rain it’s ready for anything. $275 All orders are made at the time they are ordered, please allow 1-3 weeks for completion and delivery. Made Locally in Elizabeth City 32 Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016

A wise man once said... Water by: Publius Continued from last month Boiling is an age old method and kills all the Viruses, Protozoa and Bacteria. Bring the water to a full boil and keep it there for 1.5 minutes. After cooling, stir the water and pour it back and forth between two clean containers several times. This will help to remove the flat taste which results from boiling . Some add a pinch of salt to each quart of water and shake vigorously. Remember, BOIL- ING DOES NOT remove CHEMICAL or RADIOACTIVE contaminants . Chlorine liquid bleach may also be used. Use nothing but the PLAIN unscented version. Clorox is generally a consistent sodium hypo chlorite solution and by adding 8 drops per gallon of water it will kill the bacteria and viruses but is not effective against 100% of the protozoa nor does it render harmless any chemicals or radioactive particles. The 8 drops per gallon is sufficient for water with little or no suspended particles, however, double that amount if the water is cloudy. It is also a good idea to add this at the same rate (two drops per quart) to each container of stored water to insure its longest useful life. When treating, the water temperature should be no lower than 72 F for the chlorine to be most effective. Add the chlorine and mix by gently stirring. Allow the treated water to stand for 1.5 hours before using. After the 1.5 hours it should have a slight chlorine smell. If it does not, it should be treated again. If, after the second treatment, and the subsequent wait, there is still no slight chlorine odor, do not use the water. Whichever method you choose, always use the clearest water available. If you must use cloudy or muddy water, first filter it thru several layers of clean cloth to remove as many of the particles as possible. Be very careful not to allow any containers which have come into contact with your untreated water to contaminate your potable water. Metal containers may be sterilized by boiling for a full 2 minutes. I personally first filter the water thru a gravity filter system as described above and then boil it as described above. If storing the water processed in this manner, I also add two drops of sodium hypo chlorite (plain Clorox bleach) per quart. None of the methods described above will render salt water (sea water) usable for consumption. There are many ways to treat water including distillation and other filters or chemical treatments. The methods described are all relatively simple and are neither to be considered as medical advice nor recommendation of any type. They are presented for entertainment purposes only. The internet is a great source for further information. Do your research. Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016 33