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Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016 Web Final

September 2016

Create a Tropical

Create a Tropical paradise in your own backyard! Many Species of Cold Hardy Palm Trees from 2 foot to 20 foot Cold Hardy Banana Trees & Cacti Large and Small Yuccas and Agaves Many Species of Cold Hardy Desert Plants Call Eddie for more information (252) 312-9155 178 Nosay Road, South Mills, NC Monday - Sunday 10-5 34 Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016

Back to School by Pastor Dan Bergey Another summer has come and gone. Time just keeps moving forward whether we are ready for it to or not. As all the students (pre-school thru college) return to school we need to remember a few things. First, we need to be praying for the students and staff of the schools. They need to be covered with God’s love and protection. Second, we need to watch out for school buses and students crossing the road. Plan for a few extra minutes of drive time, that way you won’t be as frustrated when you get stuck behind a bus. Third, find ways to encourage the teachers. We entrust them with our children and expect them to teach them everything that they need to know, all while dealing with large classes and little to no breaks during the day. Fourth, be praying for the upcoming See You at the Pole on September 28th. This day is a student led prayer event that takes place across the country. Please be in prayer for these students leading up to this event, as well as throughout the year. Sometimes as adults we get so caught up in all of our daily activities that we forget to stop and pray. As you drive past any school that morning, take time to pray with the students. Finally, to all the seniors out there, take time this school year to stop. Stop and enjoy every day, stop and reflect on what has gotten you this far, stop and thank everyone in your life that has helped you to reach this milestone. This year will go by all too quickly, so make the most it. Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” We have a calendar of events and projects to help and encourage students and staff. We would love to share them with you, and enjoy your help in making our School system healthy and productive. Every dollar, every item donated goes to help our children, students, and encourage our neighbor, teachers and staff. Office - 252-453-2773 Church website - Dan Bergey - Senior Pastor Footprints - Christian Resources now has Media Burn Bar! Tony Dean Owner/ Operator Residential & Commercial Pest, Termite, & Moisture Control Free InspectIons Phone: 252-339-7165 Email: MEDIA BurnBar allows Footprints to burn on demand, songs, albums, playlists, performance tracks, audio books, software and games in store for their customers, usually in 5 minutes or less. Footprints can now offer a huge music selection. Discovery of what you want is easy and the quality is superb. Albemarle Tradewinds September 2016 35