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July 2016

Talmage Dunn

Talmage Dunn 252-267-5437 District 1 Wildlife Rep for NCBA In my last article I wrote about the attraction of traditional archery. I hope some of you have taken the opportunity to try something different. If you have good for you ! I would like to spend the crux of this article on beginning to prep for the upcoming season. First and foremost, have you examined your equipment from last season. I don’t mean have you given it a cursory glance but have you really examined each piece of equipment. How is your bowstring? Are your cables frayed? Is the sight properly alligned? Is your rest in working order? Is your release working smoothly? Are your wheels and cogs in allignment? This is just a check on your bow. Treestand working properly? Are all the nuts and bolts in proper condition for youe safety? Have you gotten a new stand? Are you practicing out of it? Can you use it effectively and quietly? Where will you locate it this year? Is it easily moved? Is your safety harness reliable, you are after all, putting your life on its line. Do you need a new harness? Are your arrows spined appropriately for your bow? Are there any that you need to get rid of, if so, do so. Do you need to replace the fletch or vane? Do you need to mark your arrows with your identification? How about your broadheads? Are you using the same ones, if so, do the need to have the blades replaced or sharpened? Are you changing to a different nroadhad? If so, make sure to practice with one . How about the items in your backpack or daypack? When was the last time you did a check on them? Is your first aid kit up to date? Is your waterbottle cleam and free of bacteria? Many hunters just stow away their packs from year to year and then just because they may not have used it, grabbed it up for the next season. You have to continually check your equipment!! Know what you have and add what you need. Your life or someone else’s may depemd on it! You have a resposibility to yourself and your hunting partners. Do you have the appropriate license to hunt the game you are after? Do you need a game stamp or State/National Forest Stamp ? Are these located in an easy to reach place should you be stopped by a conservation police officer? Your vehicle that you will be using to get to your hunting area.... Is it in proper condition to get you to and from your area. Do you need to get any work done now that you have been procrastinating on doing? Although many of these questions seem “simple,” they are not. Too many of us put off the small things that may make a difference in a successful hunt or a disaster. A simple check now will pay dividends for you later. It is time also to scout your territory for the deer patterns for this year. Make it fun, take a child with you, introduce him/her to hunting through scouting. Take a camera and take some picks of the area now and in three or four weeks take the same shots to see what has changed. Upcoming events: NCBA Annual Picnic, August 7th, Guilford Bowhunters, Starting around 12:30. Check our website for more details. 30 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016

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