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July 2016

Rock’n the Roanoke –

Rock’n the Roanoke – Drag Boat Racing Event Are you looking for some Fast & Fun Weekend Entertainment? Check out the Annual Drag Boat Races on the waterfront in Plymouth, NC. Brought to you by the Towne of Plymouth and the Virginia Outlaw Drag Boat Association (VODBA). Supporting our American Heroes with a Marine Corps Band, Food, Vendors, Raffles & Door Prizes! Spectators will gather on the waterfront to watch this exciting event unfold. Boats from all over the East Coast will run an 800ft course, exceeding 100mph! This year will include a 660ft course, where anything goes! In this class, Drivers can run any style boat, any engine, any fuel, and some will include nitrous oxide to add to the excitement! Kids will have a chance to win a Bicycle and lots of other Door Prizes. More information can be found at or FaceBook Rock’n the Roanoke Drag Boat Racing! Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 11am to 6pm Sunday, August 14, 2016 – 1pm to 6pm Come see the East Coast’s Fastest Drag Boats on the beautiful Roanoke River! Veterans Writing Workshop Now Accepting Applications Dare County Arts Council is now accepting applications for the 2016 Outer Banks Veterans Writing Project, which will be held November 5 and 6 at UNC Coastal Studies Institute on Roanoke Island. Returning to the Outer Banks for its fourth consecutive year, the free twoday writing workshop will be taught by Veterans, for Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers. The 2016 workshop will be led by retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and professional writer James Matthews, whose fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. “Veterans are often in a unique position to develop compelling stories that not only speak to the human condition, but advance the Nation’s literary achievements. Our goal is ultimately to inspire and encourage veteran-writers -- whether they are just beginning to recon the writing path or are simply looking to expand the literary tools in their arsenals,” said Matthews. Dare County Arts Council encourages all former and current service men and women in North Carolina, Virginia and surrounding areas to submit applications for the writing workshop, which will accommodate up to 25 participants. For more information or to submit an online application for the Veterans Writing Project, visit, or call (252) 473-5558. Modeled after the DC-based Veterans Writing Project, a non-profit foundation that teaches combat Veterans to express their military experiences through literature, the goal of the Outer Banks Veterans Writing Project is to teach enrolled applicants the art of writing. “We, as Veterans, often have experiences that we need to express. This Workshop teaches us to take those events and build them into a story. History has taught us that the best way to overcome Post Traumatic Stress is to talk about our experiences. I don’t call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is no disorder, they’ve just been exposed to more stress than most people. This Workshop teaches us how to relieve that stress,” said Army Veteran and Dare County Arts Council Board Member Kelli Harmon. The Outer Banks Veterans Writing Project is part of the Veteran-friendly events sponsored by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau during November’s Outer Banks Veterans Week. 32 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016

A wise man once said... by: Publius Water I have not touched on this subject previously other than referring to Walmart as the most reasonable source for water in one gallon containers ready for storage. Also mentioned, was to allow no less than one gallon per person per day and preferably two, to cover minimum hydration needs and limited hygiene use. The human body consists of 60% water and can only survive 3 to 4 days without it or other fluids. You must have water to digest food. If you do not have water, eat nothing, until you do. Over a period of 24 hours you will lose approximately 2.5 quarts of water thru normal body functions. Should you fail to replace these fluids, dehydration begins. You will not survive if you reach a state of 20% dehydration. For most, that is about 3 days with no fluids, less if very active. The importance of keeping at least some stored water on hand at all times, cannot be overemphasized. Where do I get water if there is none at the faucet? In most homes the single largest source is the hot water heater. TURN OFF the water supply to your house at the meter or private well. TURN OFF the circuit breaker and/or gas for the water heater and attach a hose to the spigot at the base of the tank to access approximately 40 gallons of clean, ready to use water. Open a hot water spigot in the house to allow the water to flow more freely from the hose. You may see some sediment from the bottom of the tank in the water and pouring it thru several layers of clean cloth will remove most of this harmless material. Another small quantity will remain in the ice cube section of your freezer. You may also drain the pipes in the house by using the lowest spigot in the system and opening an inside spigot to relieve the vacuum. Drain any hoses. If you have any warning of a possible situation developing, line your bath tubs with plastic and fill with cold water. Fill any container with water until the threat has passed. The two liter plastic bottles work well and are handled easily by most family members. Water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon and the smaller the container the easier it will be to manage. Part 2 Next Month GET IN THE ACT At Encore Theatre Company By Lamar Phillips I would like to share my viewpoint of what this organization is all about and why I think it is worthy of your support. This community is a great place to meet people who share your interest in live theatre, and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. Anyone who has been involved with an Encore show will tell you that it was a lot of work but no one is likely to tell you that it was’ t worth every minute. If you have ever seen one of our performances, you know that we strive to deliver a high quality live theatre experience that you may expect to see from professional theatre companies. The only difference is that we do it in your own backyard downtown at the Maguire Theater using dedicated community volunteers. You may be asking yourself, why we do it. After all there are lots of ways to have fun that require a lot less work. I believe that if you asked 10 people that you would get 10 different answers (if they could even answer the question at all). I believe that we do it so that we can express ourselves through our art. Whether it is the performance art of the actors on stage, the displayed art of sets and props, or costume design, the visual and audible art of lighting and sound design or the creative art involved in direction or production, we do it to add our interpretation of one of the most amazing art forms ever created, Live Theatre! You have to experience it to know what it is like, and we would love to have you “GET IN THE ACT” with your own personal experiences to those of the highly talented people that are already a part of the Encore Theatre Company. You can be, do & learn it all at Encore! Space sponsored by: George and Co Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016 33