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Doctor Zhivago Doctor

Doctor Zhivago Doctor Zhivago is a novel by Boris Pasternak, first published in 1957 in Italy. The novel is named after its protagonist, Yuri Zhivago, a physician and poet, and takes place between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the Civil War. Due to its independent minded stance on the October Revolution, Doctor Zhivago was refused publication in the USSR. At the instigation of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, the manuscript was smuggled to Milan and published in 1957. Pasternak was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year, an event which embarrassed and enraged the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The novel was made into a film by David Lean in 1965, and since then has twice been adapted for television, most recently as a miniseries for Russian TV in 2006. In 2014 declassified documents show that the United States Central Intelligence Agency used Doctor Zhivago as a tool to provoke dissent in the USSR. A CIA memo from April 1958 described the “great propaganda value” and discussed providing support for having the novel printed in Russian, and distributing Western translations within the Soviet Union. The memo stated that the book was “a passive but piercing exposition of the effect of the Soviet system on the life of a sensitive intelligent citizen.” The CIA memo noted that the book is valuable “not only for its intrinsic message and thought-provoking nature, but also for the circumstances of its publication: we have the opportunity to make Soviet citizens wonder what is wrong with their government, when a fine literary work by the man acknowledged to be the greatest living Russian writer is not even available in his own country in his own language for his own people to read”. Source: Wikipedia zhivago pasternak panikhida orthodox debauchery merchant komarovsky railroad tonya lara christmas revolution moscow yuriatin cattle commissar deserters cossacks meliuzeevo pasha If you buy a printed ad from Albemarle Tradewinds , you also have access to our social media. 4 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2016

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