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June 2016

Gun Tips By: Lloyd

Gun Tips By: Lloyd “Duke” Hodges My thoughts are more about the weather than firearms. Wonder why. As soon as it dries up I gotta get some scootin and shootin in. Why? Simple, if you don’t use your skills they rapidly reduce to a degree that it is embarrassing when shooting with others who maintain handling skills. All is not lost. You can drill at home safely. Verify the firearm is unloaded, select random targets pull the trigger and follow through. The sight picture on your follow through should indicate the general point of aim. What is important is that handling skill is retained. I do this regularly with my unloaded carry piece but verify my aim with the laser. It works. I also have most of my stuff laser bore sighted so when I put the sight on a spot there is the bullet hole and I get the warm fuzzy feeling I did the job without blasting up a box of ammo. Have you bought a new gun lately? Close to a grand probably and then decided to purchase a one size fits all holster. Let me tell you it ain’t gonna work. Bite the bullet and get one that is quality, fits the gun and you are good to go. Practice with it until you reach a level of comfort you are satisfied with and remember we are not 007 and do not have “that license”. Memorial Day has come. Take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice the men and women who wore the uniforms of our military services and the extreme price so many paid for us to protect us and allow us to enjoy today what our nation founders so long ago did at great personal risk. Freedom is not free and has never been. Train, Observe, Be Alert, Be Alive! The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media ...... call Ken and learn how. 252-333-7232 12 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016

Justice Scalia Case Opinion’s that Shaped Our American Way of Life District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the most influential Justice of our time. In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) Justice Scalia delivered the opinion of the court and many believe it to be his most famous opinion because it set the national standard on our second amendment right to bear arms. The Court overruled the District of Columbia’s Code that restricted the licensing of handguns. The DC Code required that licensed firearms kept in the home must be kept nonfunctional (i.e. unloaded). The Court held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own a gun for personal use and we have a constitutional right to keep a loaded handgun at home for self-defense. This was a landmark ruling that has since then ushered in continuous litigation of gun rights all over the country. Justice Scalia wrote “…banning handguns, an entire class of arms that is commonly used for protection purposes, and prohibiting firearms from being kept functional in the home, the area traditionally in need of protection, violates the Second Amendment.” The historical test was applied - A fundamental right worthy of constitutional protections is one that is so rooted in the country history and tradition that the ban of which would shock the conscious. I must point out that this was a 5 to 4 decision. Which means if a Second Amendment issue is heard before the United States Supreme Court again today, without Justice Scalia, --and potentially a liberal Justice appointed under the current presidency-- gun rights in America as we know it may change drastically. Written By: Mrs. Diana Devine Baum, Regent University School of Law Candidate for Juris Doctorate 2018 NCCP, NC Notary Public WANTED 10 DECKS, PATIOS, OR SCREEN PORCHES To convert to sunrooms for year-round use! All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016 13