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June 2016

Talmage Dunn, NCBA Div 1

Talmage Dunn, NCBA Div 1 Wildlife Rep, I hope everyone has had the opportunity to get out and do a little shooting, at least when the weather has allowed. Although, it is good to get in a little rainy day practice. Some of the biggest bucks have been harvested during “nasty” weather days. Practice under the conditions in which you will hunt. You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse while you are in the field. Many bowhunters like to travel light in the woods. Sometimes the bow going into the woods with you starts out at a mere 5 – 10 pounds in weight then after hunting all day seems to weigh twice as much as it did earlier. For this reason alone, some hunbters prefer to leave the gagetry at home and hunt with a traditional style bow. But there are a myriad of other reasons some prefer to go …..”traditional.” In August of 1911, the last Yahi Native American Tribe member came forth from the wilds of California. He was starving and alone and was the last known to have survived in the old ways. He was known as Ishi, which in Yahi means ,,,man. The weapon of his choice, a mere bent stick and a string. The stick being a solid piece of wood bent and connected with a string of sinew cord. His arrows were formed by hazel wood branches with a knapped stone for an arrowhead. He died in March of 1916. His life story is an excellent read. Many archers today continue to hunt with a “stick and a string.” However, the stick is made of more modern woods or composites such as, fiberglass, and metal. A simple bow in comparison to many of the more modern compound bows on the market today. The arrows are made of wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber, and fiberglass. They are typically tipped with screw in or glue on points made of metal. This is the method of archery hunting known as ...traditional.definitions of traditional archery vary from individual to individual. To many, it simply means a bow which is a longbow, recurve, ora three piece takedown bow which uses a string connecting the limbs together. There are some who still hunt the same manner in which Ishi hunted. Prefering to use handmade all-wood bows known as self-bows and handmade arrows. These hunters call this “primitive” archery. Traditonal archery offers a different challenge than hunting with the more modern compound bows. It requires the hunter to get as close as possible to his quarry to insure a successful shot. Many do this because of the “simplicity” of this style of hunting. It isn’t better than the other styles.... it is just different. While each style has its own unique challengesm traditional archery is just a different choice. I know many archers that hunt in all the styles, compound, traditional, primitive, and crossbows. My son shoots a more modern bow but I started him shooting the same way I was introduced to archery... with a traditonal style bow. In turn, each of his children receive a traditional style bow on their fifth birthday to start into archery. Believe me, we have shot many arrows preparing for the “zombies apocolypse” together. A traditonal bow offers one the chance to rediscover the simplicity of archery. If the iopportunity presents itself, go visit your local range, I don’t know any stick and string shooter that wouldn’t offer you the chance to shoot his bow. Just ask permission before touching his bow. We all all have a relationship with our bows and are particular in the way someone handles it. So while you will more than likely be given the chance to shoot the bow, a little instruction in its use will always accompany it. You don’t have to give up your compound equipment to try it but it dioes give you the opportunity for another challenge to hunt. NCBA upcoming events: the NCBA 4th Annual Saltwater Bash. When: 6 PM June 10th thru 3PM June 11, Where: 144 Cedar Point Blvd, Cedar Point, NC (near Dudley’s Mariuna) Entry fee: $10 RSVP Joey Thompson 336-972-1486, NCBAWHITETAIL@YAHOO>COM NCBA Annual Picnic, August 7th, Guilford Bowhunters, Starting around 12:30. 30 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016 Check our website for more details.

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