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June 2016

Create a Tropical

Create a Tropical paradise in your own backyard! Many Species of Cold Hardy Palm Trees from 2 foot to 20 foot Cold Hardy Banana Trees & Cacti Large and Small Yuccas and Agaves Many Species of Cold Hardy Desert Plants Call Eddie for more information (252) 312-9155 178 Nosay Road, South Mills, NC Monday - Sunday 10-5 34 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate??? by Pastor Dan Bergey In today’s society, it seems like we only communicate via sound bites, catchy phrases, text messages, Facebook statuses, and tweets. Has our language changed to adapt to the numerous time constraints in our lives? The current political climate in our country is engaging in this language as well. This article is not about any one candidate in the presidential election but about desiring a change in our communication style as a whole. Too often, we briefly tweet, text, or email our ideas or thoughts, leaving others to assume our intent by reading between the lines. Inevitably, we get upset because we are misunderstood. Often, our communication is left to our body language and led by our emotions.** However, there is a much more efficient way to communicate. In June on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. at our Barco campus, we are going through a book called “Caring Enough to Confront” by David Augsburger. This book shows us that there are creative ways to deal with conflict through communication. It is called “care-fronting” in the book. “Care-fronting” is an idea that we can learn to communicate by encouraging ourselves and others by understanding and expressing our deepest feelings. This can be done by seeking the truth, owning anger, and inviting change. This change is hard work; however, it frees us to communicate with others in a different way. When the blame game and complaining go away, we can let go of who’s at fault. When we dismiss the case against another person, we are freed to have more open conversations with that person. Having a strong faith is key in this endeavor, and if your faith in Jesus Christ is shaken, now is the time to build your faith in Jesus. You can learn a new way of communicating, start today, and you will be forever changed. Footprints - Christian Resources now has Media Burn Bar! Tony Dean Owner/ Operator Residential & Commercial Pest, Termite, & Moisture Control Free InspectIons Phone: 252-339-7165 Email: MEDIA BurnBar allows Footprints to burn on demand, songs, albums, playlists, performance tracks, audio books, software and games in store for their customers, usually in 5 minutes or less. Footprints can now offer a huge music selection. Discovery of what you want is easy and the quality is supurb. Albemarle Tradewinds June 2016 35