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Albemarle tradewinds May 2016 web Final

May 2016

Gun Tips By: Lloyd

Gun Tips By: Lloyd “Duke” Hodges There are available to the American shooter ammunition from many sources both foreign and domestic. Decades of development have greatly improved the product. However, caution should be exercised when purchasing. Where did it come from, is it surplus ammo? I can remember my military years when we qualified with our weapons the clean up was hot soapy water because the rounds had corrosive primers and would cause damage to metal parts. Humidity is a problem even now. Storage in a dry place is good. There is little need to polish the rounds and they are better left in the original carton. With the many calibers on the market good judgement is paramount. For example: .223 and .556 calibers are close but the higher .556 should not be used in the .223 engineered firearm but the .223 can be used in the .556. So, stick with the rolled caliber stamp on the barrel or the manual. Some in the know say it does not make any difference and some say it does. We shooters have another round available called the plus P or plus P plus. My thinking is simple in this area. Ammo made now is so very much better that plus anything is not needed. Another interesting caliber is the .357 magnum. That caliber can handle anything in the .38 caliber class. The .357 cannot be loaded into a .38 because the shell case is longer. Hollywood has helped age some fine wheel guns when they are reloaded and the cylinder is shut with a flip of the wrist. What happens is the cylinder sooner or later will get out of sync. Have you ever been hit with something hot at the range and wondered what it was? Likely it was some of the bullet being shaved and pushed by excaping gas. Train, Observe, Be Alert, Be Alive! The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media ...... call Ken and learn how. 252-333-7232 12 Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016

Currituck Kids, Inc. Hello from the Board of Directors, Currituck Kids, Inc. We are writing to tell you about how your donations have been used to support the children in Currituck County and to let you know the dates of upcoming fundraising events. Throughout the year, we assess the needs of individual children in our community. For the most part, these needs are brought to our attention through the Currituck Public School System and the Department of Social Services. To meet these needs, we provide grants which are then administered through the proper channels to assist these children. Through our grants, this assistance can be administered quickly to meet a child’s specific need. Grants are used for a wide-range of needs from a new pair shoes to a specially equipped bicycle for a child with special needs. The Currituck Kids Board of Directors is committed to the idea that even one positive childhood experience may touch a child’s life forever. Each year we also earmark funds so that children in need can participate in established programs within our community. These include: - YMCA summer day camp - 4-H Club camps - Backpack For Kids - School Book Fairs – every child deserves a book Without our help, many children in our community would not be afforded these enrichment opportunities. The support we receive comes in many different forms such as donations, spreading the message and volunteering. However, fundraising through donations is a key element of our foundation and is vital to our cause. Without your support, we would not be able to continuously provide children with needed resources nor proceed with future projects. Helping Currituck Kids support children can be easy and rewarding. In closing, we invite you to visit our website There you will find the most current information about events and how our volunteers are making good things happen for children and families in Currituck County. You will also find donation options such as Commemorative Giving and Sponsorship Levels. New this year is the option to donate via PayPal. Our next fundraising event is LET SUMMER BEGIN on June 4th. Please join us for this BBQ, SHRIMP and FISH “all-you-can-eat” extravaganza. Tickets and information are available at Come help us put a smile on the face of a child. WANTED 10 DECKS, PATIOS, OR SCREEN PORCHES To convert to sunrooms for year-round use! All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016 13