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Albemarle tradewinds May 2016 web Final

May 2016

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Restrictions on Cobia Next Evolution Wrestling By Tracy Anderson by Jake Worthington When I was in American Civics class in high school, I remember hearing a quote by economist Milton Friedman that said “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand!” Well it now seems we have to thank the federal government via NOAA and the SAFMC for the current Cobia “Crisis” we seem to have, which has developed overnight. This current crisis is brought to you by the same federal government that has grossly mismanaged the Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. Watching several TV fishing shows with hosts Mark Davis and George Poveromo, I have seen them catch and release Red Snapper that were so thick they couldn’t catch the fish they were targeting. Their host captains would also share their experiences of how the fishery was being mishandled by the federal government but they lacked the resources and time to fight them. Over the last year; however, they have received some positive help from congressional committees that have called NOAA on the carpet for their flawed and suspect catch harvest data. Now North Carolina and Virginia Anglers are getting some of the same experiences in the upcoming Cobia fishing season. Currently NOAA and the SAFMC want to close the Cobia season in these two states mid-June, which is right in the heart of the season when Captains and recreational fisherman are just really getting started. The feds are saying that because of the amount of Cobia caught in 2015, these restrictions are necessary to sustain the species. That intent seems all well from the outside, but when you turn to how the Feds developed this closure you can see why there is such a high public outcry from the public. Using the Feds own catch data, you can see why the public is highly skeptical of this data and even how it was collected. These stats come from NOAA’s NMFS and this is the data they are basing their closings on. Virginia (Based on pounds caught) FINAL 2011 COBIA 107,424 FINAL 2013 COBIA 221,800 FINAL 2014 COBIA 171,463 PRELIMINARY 2015 COBIA 862,281 North Carolina FINAL 2011 COBIA 145,796 FINAL 2012 COBIA 104,106 FINAL 2013 COBIA 506,067 FINAL 2014 COBIA 247,386 PRELIMINARY 2015 COBIA 675,859 Now I submit to you that we had a good Cobia season, but I can assure you after talking to numerous captains that specifically target Cobia their catches were nowhere as high as the Feds are saying. When pressed on how this data was collected at Public Hearings, NOAA/NMFS have been put under fire for how they get their data. Currently both North Carolina and Virginia are debating whether to fight the Feds and go into noncompliance and/or lower creel and size limits. Meanwhile as they do, write your elected officials and demand for fair and sound management! Stay tuned to the events and meetings occurring in NC and Virginia to see how these states rule on the season. Hello Elizabeth City and surrounding areas. Welcome to this month’s edition of inside NEW. A big thank you to all who came out to our April 23rd show. If you missed it, man did you really miss out. -A few highlights from the show. Ladders, tables and chairs oh my! We saw the former tag team Army of Two, Bishop and Cross, go at each other in a last man standing match. There was so much action that it spilled out onto the floor. The hi point of the match was when both Bishop and Cross were fighting on the apron and slammed into two tables. Ending with a win for the soldier of fortune Bishop. Livid the clown made a surprise visit. Livid, along with a fellow demented clown, arrived at the show inside two large packages, using the element of surprise they ambushed Noise Pollution, establishing their challenge loud and clear. Finishing off the evening was a ladder match between The Evolution Champion Beau Crockett and The Silver Saint Sterling Williams. This was a hard fought battle between to great opponents. With the evolution championship belt hanging above the ring, the fight was going to see who could climb the ladder and get to the belt first. Back and forth they traded blows, even beating each other with the ladders. In the end, it was bunk rocket that was able to climb the ladder and secure his championship reign. Come and join as for a wonderful day at the potato festival. We will be preforming to free shows in appreciation of our fans. The first show is at 11:30 AM, and the second show is at 1 PM. We will be on Main Street in the old First National Bank parking lot. Be sure to stop by, say hello, and watch some great wrestling action. We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, for sponsoring NEW at the potato festival this year. Please stop by their Facebook pages and their businesses. Tell them NEW sent you. Elizabeth City Pawn & Guns. Located beside Sears. Everything from guns, jewelry, household items, ammo and more. You can even get your concealed carry license from their monthly classes. So please stop by and check them out. Harry Umphlett from Biggs cadillac. Go see Harry for all of the automotive needs. New cars, used cars, even refinancing your current car. If you have an auto need Harry can help you out. Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016 23