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Albemarle tradewinds May 2016 web Final

May 2016

Create a Tropical

Create a Tropical paradise in your own backyard! Many Species of Cold Hardy Palm Trees from 2 foot to 20 foot Cold Hardy Banana Trees & Cacti Large and Small Yuccas and Agaves Many Species of Cold Hardy Desert Plants Call Eddie for more information (252) 312-9155 178 Nosay Road, South Mills, NC Monday - Sunday 10-5 34 Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016

National Day of Prayer 5-5-2016, 12 Noon Currituck County Courthouse Once in an airplane flying over the Andes mountains, I engaged in a conversation with the passenger next to me. As you well know the first question was, “so what do you do for a living?” My response was “I help people find their reason for living” of course this started a whole line of questions that were a lot of fun to answer. After about 30 minutes of conversation back and forth, the person asked what company I worked for. Smiling, I said my employer was God and the company I worked for was the Church. A huge smile went across the person’s face when they realized I was a Pastor. The first thing out of their mouth came these words. “Thank you for meeting me where I am at” that statement rings in my years every day I get up and prepare for my day. That is how God designed the Church, made up of people who are wanting to know God better each day, and let others know about God as well. I know God made me for this purpose, to meet people where they are at in life and to help them grow in their love for God and for others. I also know God has created me to challenge people when they do not live with love for God and others, all the while living as an example in front of them. Jesus Christ is the reason I live for and it is the reason, New Life of Currituck exists today. New Life exists to share the hope of God and to see lives transformed by God’s power through the Holy Spirit. Do you desire to find your reason for living? Residential & Commercial Pest, Termite, & Moisture Control Free InspectIons Tony Dean Owner/ Operator Phone: 252-339-7165 Email: Footprints - Christian Resources now has Media Burn Bar! MEDIA BurnBar allows Footprints to burn on demand, songs, albums, playlists, performance tracks, audio books, software and games in store for their customers, usually in 5 minutes or less. Footprints can now offer a huge music selection. Discovery of what you want is easy and the quality is supurb. Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016 35