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Albemarle tradewinds May 2016 web Final

May 2016

North Carolina’s

North Carolina’s Blacklands Treasure By: Philip S. McMullan Jr. Bounded by the Albemarle Sound on the north and the Pamlico River on the south, the Blacklands of Northeastern North Carolina boast some of the most productive agricultural soils in the country. But throughout much of its history, this region - filled with murky swamps and impenetrable wilderness - has defeated many an adventurer trying to tame it. wilkinson roper farms opportunity future swamp pioneer success blacklands timber settlers north carolina planters development expansion railroad If you buy a printed ad from Albemarle Tradewinds , you also have access to our social media. 4 Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016

By: Kelly Thorsby FAREWELL CHAMBER- I will miss you! How do I limit my words about the greatest job that’s come to an end? I have resigned from the chamber since starting in 2008. First as Membership Director, and now President. I want to thank my cheerleaders who were on my board at that time that encouraged me to “Go For It!” It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it and have the support of over 500 people (my beloved members)! I also want to thank my AMAZING staff who always had my back, worked late nights and always made me look good. Thank you Holly for keeping us organized and the money flowing; Dayna for being our friendly face greeting our customers and spreading the word on their businesses; and Victoria for becoming my Membership Director and putting the passion into it that it deserves. I simply cannot thank all of my supporters with limited verbiage rules, but I must thank my Board, Ambassadors, Volunteers, Ed Powell, Chris Purcell, and Pastor Scott Neal of Forest Park Church who instilled the faith in me I needed to take this step. He made me realize how precious friends and family are (and mine all live FAR away), that you can achieve your dreams, and God gives you talents that he wants us to use to do great things. I feel that God will open the right door when the time is right for me. Some others to thank are my loving mother, my incredible sister, and my unending supporters, USCG CDR Bruce and Vonda Brown. I also must thank Betty Haar-Salvo and Dale Beatty for both changing my outlook on life. Her as a Holocaust Survivor and him as war veteran, double amputee drummer who created Purple Heart Homes. They are my two biggest inspirations that I’ll never forget. Thank you Scott Perry of Albemarle Tradewinds and Clay Mercer of WRVS radio for both giving me a voice to the community each month. The most rewarding part of my career was learning of the needs of our community and getting our members to help. The late David Spisak who died at age eight inspired us all to dig deep to give and now I am collecting children’s books for the USO. They need books for kids eight and under for the deployed soldiers to read on video to their children back home. Such a simple gesture can mean so much. If you are not a member, join! It is the most fun you will have promoting your business! With fondest farewells, President, Kelly Thorsby 252-335-4365 Albemarle Tradewinds May 2016 5