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April 2016 Final Web

April 2016

Gun Tips By: Lloyd

Gun Tips By: Lloyd “Duke” Hodges Looks like spring be sprung. Wet that is. Not good for long and short guns. Evil words like spring cleaning come to mind. This is true with firearms as they collect residue which will gum up and slow functions that makes them operate properly. So haul out the solvents, brushes, ramrods and all the stuff you hate and clean em up. I keep all that stuff out of sight mostly cause I don’t enjoy cleaning as much as shooting. Now, I have had a few embarrassing moments when my semi-auto slide ever so slowly traveled forward and did not seat the round in the chamber and did not fire. Remember if a gun will not operate it ain’t nothing but a paper weight. Have you thought about a gun safe with a dehumidifier? Security and dry storage is a good thing. Other than that a light oil rub down will retard rust and protect your expensive investment. There are many options that may be used such as long and short gun storage zippered scabbards. I have taken to use the desicant pouches usually found in med bottles. Can’t hurt. Oh, yes, Forget the idea if a little oil is good a lot of oil is great. Wet down your carry gun and you will see a very dark and permanent stain on your favorite garment. Trust me on that. And if you fire a super oily gun you may get sprayed. In the meantime with all that is occurring here and abroad be careful, obey the law (even if the bad folks don’t), withdraw if you can, be smart, avoid conflict and have a reasonable mind set. Train, Observe, Be Alert, Be Alive! The Albemarle Tradewinds reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media ...... call Ken and learn how. 252-333-7232 12 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016

Elizabeth City Hero Operations In 2013 a small group of local retired military veterans and concerned citizens came together to form ECHO (Elizabeth City Hero Operations), a North Carolina 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering awareness, appreciation, and community support for wounded veterans and their families right here in northeastern North Carolina. Through their numerous fundraising events and community outreach ECHO has been able to enhance the quality of life for countless wounded veterans in our local community. In addition to the individual veterans ECHO has helped over the past two years, ECHO has made significant contributions to other veteran related organizations, such as the local Disabled American Veterans, who were in need of a new van, and ECHO also received an honorable mention award from the Department of Navy for its monetary contribution to Fisher House Portsmouth. ECHO also partners with other veteran related organizations such as the United States Marine’s ‘Toys For Tots’ program, helping to make a merrier Christmas for needy children right here in the Albemarle. Because of the all-volunteer board of directors and staff, ECHO is able to keep their administrative cost under 5%, ensuring that most of the monies raised go to where they are needed the most—our local wounded veteran community—and their success relies on the support and generosity of many local residents and businesses. Together, we are helping our community’s heroes get the support they need, the appreciation they deserve, and the honor they’ve earned. Follow ECHO on Facebook and join them for their spring ‘Concert for the Soldiers’, fundraising event, Friday, May 6 at Coasters Draught House in downtown Elizabeth City. Together let’s make a difference – lest we forget! Contacts us; Steve Hislop President Len McMullan Vice President Jim Deyo Treasurer Residential & Commercial Pest, Termite, & Moisture Control Free InspectIons Tony Dean Owner/ Operator Phone: 252-339-7165 Email: All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016 13