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April 2016 Final Web

April 2016

Contact: Nancy Nicholls

Contact: Nancy Nicholls EDENTON, NC – Unveiling in a blaze of beauty on April 15 and 16 will be the largest gathering of artists in North Carolina interpreting the public and many private gardens of Historic Edenton. Outstanding gardens ranging from formal to cottage style and plein air artists will delight your senses with incredible colors and sights on and off the canvas. These glorious two days will benefit a 257 year old National Historic Site, the 1758 Cupola House, one of the few historic buildings rated with National Significance and its peaceful heritage gardens. This year’s event will have over 17 gardens open to the public along with one that includes trains that will be moving along its many tracks throughout. 13-1-gl-thumbnails-8298-tnThis new addition will bring excitement to young and old. Easels will host many artists from all over North Carolina, and Virginia. Some of them are those that you have met here before while others will be new this year. Jacqueline Perry, Fen Rascoe, Robin Sams and Barbara Wachter will be among those returning to share more of their talent. Gardens are the gardener’s canvas, the unique space that combines color, scent, textures, and shapes. These carefully created gardens change and evolve; however, they can become a lasting memory when the unique, creative eye of the artist catches the beauty of the moment. The public and private gardens of Edenton, NC enhance the town’s designation as one of the 10 prettiest towns in America (, 2012); one of 20 towns to visit (Smithsonian Magazine, 2015); North Carolina’s cutest small town (Better Homes and Gardens, 2015) and a dream town designation by Coastal Living, 2015. Adding artists and musicians from throughout the Southeast to the beauty of the gardens of Edenton will generate a whirlwind of creativity culminating with a garden party and art sale. Boogie on Broad with the Band of Oz on Friday evening for dancing under the stars from 7 – 10 pm. For more information and tickets: For information about Edenton and Chowan County, call: 252-482-0300 or 800-775-0111 Classes at the Bead Spot Classes at The Bead Spot are by appointment during shop hours, Wednesdays thru Saturday 10am to 4pm. All classes are $20 per person plus materials. Participants can choose to learn the basics of jewelry making. Students will learn how to string and finish a necklace with a clasp and make a pair of earrings. Additional classes include: Introduction to Kumihimo – the Japanese art of braiding cord. Kumihimo II – Learn to add beads to your Kumihimo braid. Beadweaving Classes: Peyote, Herringbone, Brick Stitch, Dutch Spiral, etc – The bead weaving sessions demonstrate various techniques working with needle, thread and seed beads. 14 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016

40th ANNIVERSARY OF The BISHOP MURDER MYSTERY Part 2 By Jimmy Fleming The car contained a bloody blanket, ax, shotgun, bed clothing, dog biscuits, and two bottles of a depressant drug called Serax. The spare tire well was filled with blood from where the five bodies were hauled from Maryland to Tyrrell County, NC. The nationwide manhunt for Bradford Bishop who had a two week head start on authorities has been stalled ever since this point. Brad Bishop, assistant chief of the special trade activities office of the State Department’s economic and business section has never been apprehended to stand trial for the murder of his mother, wife, and three sons. It has been theorized that Bishop killed himself in the rugged mountains where his car was found or used his world-travel background and fluency in several languages to flee the country and lose himself abroad. The Bradford Bishop case has been written about in such publications as True Story, Inside Detective, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, The Washington Star, The News and Observer, and Time Magazine. It has also been featured on television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, America’s Most Wanted, and most recently in a July 2015 episode of The Hunt. A screenplay, “Bradford Bishop, Where Are You?” and a song “The Ballad Of Brad Bishop” have been written about the crime. Over the past 40 years there have been many unconfirmed sightings of Bradford Bishop in such places as the Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy. The FBI continues to feature Bishop on its Top 10 Fugitives List and maintains a website dedicated to finding him on Facebook at William Bradford Bishop, Jr is currently 79 years old and has not been confirmed seen since March 2, 1976 while driving away from eastern NC in the family car. Police are offering a $100,000.00 reward for information leading to his arrest. The question is: “Will we ever know why Brad Bishop murdered his family, how he chose an out of the way logging road in Tyrrell County, North Carolina 300 miles from his home to bury and burn their remains, and how has he managed to elude capture for 40 years”? All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. We are located in downtown Elizabeth City. Our mission is to make using tobacco a thing of the past! Come by The Vapor Station every Saturday to receive 10% off Seduce Juice when you mention this ad. Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016 15