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April 2016 Final Web

April 2016

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!! That’s the news for this issue! Spring gobbler season is almost upon us. It’s time to get those calls out and practice your calling technique. You might wonder what types of calls are there for the archery hunter to practice with. Some hunters use the old standard box call. With a lot of practice soft purrs , kee-kee calls, and even a gobbling sound can be made. Some hunters prefer the mouth diaphragm calls, these are what most of the archery hunters use, it gives a hands free call making it easier to pull and shoot their bows. Some hunters prefer the primitive but very effective wing-bone calls. These are tried and true calls made from the wingbones of turkeys. They make a beautiful sound when properly made. If you know some primitive archery hunters I am sure they can fix you up with your own wingbone call. Are you hunting from a blind? If you are using a camo blind to hunt out of you need to practice shooting from it. The days to practice are before the hunt. There would be nothing worse than having that beautiful bearded gobbler stage right in front of you , pull your bow back, release and find that the blind impeded the shot and you wound or miss the turkey entirely. Blinds are great for hunting wild turkeys. The blind masks your movement and if properly placed will enable you to take your gobbler. Perhaps you aren’t hunting from a “store-bought” blind but one that you have built and treed/bushed in. Have you built it in place in time for the birds in your area to have gotten used to it? Does it adequately cover your bow movement? Do you have enough room to enable you to make the shot? Have you practiced shooting from it? Having done all of this preparation …. have you practiced shooting at a turkey sized target? There are multiple 3-D turkey targets out on the market for hunters to buy..but if you want to save a few dollars.. do what I do, get some friends that drink those large plastic soda bottle drinks, put sand in the bottoms, paint them black and set them up like turkeys coming in to a call. They are just about the same size as a turkey and you can shoot them over and over until you want to make more at little or no cost!! What type of broadhead are you using for turkey? What arrow size? What is the maximum distance you should ethically shoot to ensure a swift kill? As usual in our great state the turkey season starts with a 1 week youth only season: April 2 – April 8 Male or Bearded turkeys only!! Turkey hunting by youth during this season is allowed statewide, but some game lands will require a permit (see Game Lands section). Each youth hunting during this season must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult at least 21 years of age (“Youth” means a person less than 16 years of age). The adult may accompany more than one youth during any particular hunt and the adult may NOT harvest a turkey. Only one weapon is allowed per youth hunter. Each youth must have a Big Game Harvest Report Card and report harvests according to instructions in this Digest. License-exempt youth should report their harvest using a Big Game Harvest Report Card for License-Exempt Hunters. This is the prime time to take your child or introduce other kids to the joy of hunting the wild turkey. The general Spring Wild Turkey season for evryone then starts April 9th through May 7, Male or Bearded turkeys only. I have been so excited about the upcoming turkey season I painted a picture of what all gobbler hunters want to see in the woods. This is entitled Majesty on Parade. Respectfully submitted, Talmage Dunn District 1 wildlife representative 30 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016

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