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April 2016

Create a Tropical

Create a Tropical paradise in your own backyard! Many Species of Cold Hardy Palm Trees from 2 foot to 20 foot Cold Hardy Banana Trees & Cacti Large and Small Yuccas and Agaves Many Species of Cold Hardy Desert Plants Call Eddie for more information (252) 312-9155 178 Nosay Road, South Mills, NC Monday - Sunday 10-5 34 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016

National Day of Prayer 5-5-2016, 12 Noon Currituck County Courthouse I know you can hear it now, that conversation around the water cooler at work, or that moment of conversation in the gas station or convenient store. This world is getting bad, we say, and then we start blaming the government, an organization or even a neighbor. These conversations may help us to feel better in the moment, but rarely if ever do they fix anything. There really is another way to affect change in the world around us and that is through prayer. Whether we like it or not prayer does work, and it works even better when people from all different places in life come together and agree on things. Every year on the first Tuesday of May, we as a community have an opportunity to join people all across the Country to pray for and with each other. This year’s theme is “WAKE UP AMERICA” and comes from Isaiah 58:1a “shout it aloud, do not hold back raise your voice like a trumpet”. This is not shouting just anything, it is shouting the goodness of a great and awesome God, the creator of the universe, who created me, and loves me. So this May 5th join men and women just like you in praying for real change in our Country, change that can only come through prayers lifted in unity. To find a prayer gathering near you go to and click on the events tab, if you do not see one in your County contact us and we will help you start one for next year. Prayer really does change things. Awake America Coordinator for Currituck County – Coordinating National Day of Prayer & Cry Out America prayer on 9-11 Senior Pastor Dan Bergey Contact info Tiffany Lundy - My Administrative Assistant Office - 252-453-2773 Church website - Dan Bergey - Senior Pastor Footprints - Christian Resources now has Media Burn Bar! MEDIA BurnBar allows Footprints to burn on demand, songs, albums, playlists, performance tracks, audio books, software and games in store for their customers, usually in 5 minutes or less. Footprints can now offer a huge music selection. Discovery of what you want is easy and the quality is supurb. Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016 35