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Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016 Final Web

March 2016

The Forgotten American

The Forgotten American by Terrance Mann Comments? ( William and Mary, England’s first central bank, and living in the land of Oz ) I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade, Like ridin’ around on railcar and workin’ long days Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways Down in the Valley, By The Head and The Heart The Bank of England backed only those who invested in the Bank or were involved in the great works and projects for the Empire (i.e., colonization). You see, to service the debt, the Crown continuously expand new territories. The Bank of England was now setting the policies for future growth and overseas military expansion. The political leadership had allowed business and government to become intertwined or in collusion: what we now call “crony capitalism”. Collusion was one of the silent forces behind the American Revolution. For the Crown and Parliament, their power was usurped by the forces of debt and wealthy private corporations such as the East India Company. If the Bank of England or East India Company wanted it, the political leadership submitted. It was (and is today) that simple. A corrupt money system corrupts everyone. Karl Marx wrote in the NY Tribune in 1853, “The East India Company survived not because the company produced an excellent product, but because the company was in collusion with government.” Naturally, Marx always had great facts, but his conclusions were wrong. Marx failed to understand the difference between a business in a free market and a company operating in collusion with government. The American left has a similar problem today. The American left can’t distinguish the difference between collusion or free markets because America hasn’t had a free market since the early 1960s, just before the Great Society or the Great Fall of Freedom. The Seven Years War transformed the East India Company from a commercial to a military and national power. Now, someone had to pay for the war, and the British, or should we now say Bankers, turned to the American Colonies for payment in kind for protection from the French and Indians, which the Colonial Militias had placed vast amounts of men and material to fight. No, the real reason for the taxation was to use the Colonist to pay for a Global War, which had nothing to do them. The year 1767 was pivotal to the buildup of the American Revolution. More Taxes. Why should the Colonist save a Private Company? Must the Colonist purchase tea and other products from the East India Company. Why were the Colonist forced to buy from qualified companies? Why did the Colonist pay inflated prices? The answer was simple: The East India Company had to pay off the Bank of England. The British government couldn’t allow competition. The policy had been to be one of forcing Americans to buy from monopolies. The Bank of England and East India Company were silent partners driving Parliament to respond aggressively to the American tax rebellion of the 1760s. Also, this silent force pushed enforcement policies to break up the black market run by Americans and the Dutch. Monopolies can’t have competition, period. The average colonist never fully understood the big picture. All he or she understood was prices are higher and jobs are fewer unless you have connections. After the American Revolution, the American political leadership maintained pretty much the same tenants well into 19th century. If you wish an article written about your business call Scott at 252-312-2302 Continued Next Month E-Mail to 16 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016

Albemarle Fence – 4th Generation Strong by C.L. Cooke One of the best examples of business adaptation to technology, and survival during roller coaster economic times is found in Pasquotank County. The Overman family has tailored their business over these many years to become a specialized, market driven manufacturer and installer of functional and attractive fencing and railing. While they continue to make wood fencing, the transition to vinyl became the preferred material in our coastal region. This non-corrosive product is not only a niche product to combat the salt element in ocean communities, but has proven to be widely preferred by multiple users. Vinyl can be manufactured to take the visual characteristic of wood surfaces, and color adaptation to blend with the architectural design of most projects. Albemarle Fence has become the sub-contractor choice by all levels of government jobs, residential contractors, as well as commercial construction and renovation. To achieve this level of demand, a well conceived plan occurred that propelled the company into today’s market as a leader and innovator. When the family discovered how to become automated with computerized machinery, the future success for business survival became secure. The Overman’s developed comprehensive programs for manufacturing accuracy and efficiency. While still maintaining a seasonal staff of 16-30 employees, the production line handles from 30-50 contracts continuously. We can all agree that this transition is a great example where automation did not cause a reduction in workforce, but allowed growth due to demand. The ability to use wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain-link for rails, gates, and screen porches is specialized where all pieces are measured and numbered to exacting precision. Despite government bureaucracy, regulation, and changing banking requirements, Albemarle Fence looks in good shape to provide superior products and service for maybe a 5th generation. Emerson and Kana Overman have a loving and spiritual family dedicated to what makes the best in all of us. We are located in downtown Elizabeth City. Our mission is to make using tobacco a thing of the past! Let Us Show You How To Save Money Did you know that most businesses spend more than they should on telecom and merchant services – up to 35% more? Our concept is simple. We improve your bottom line. Independent and objective advice for all your telecom and mechant services needs. The best part – we don’t charge you any fees unless we save you money. Come by The Vapor Station every Saturday to receive 10% off Seduce Juice when you mention this ad. Keith Kirkman, Edenton, NC T: 252.482.8821 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016 17