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Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016 Final Web

March 2016

Military Diesel

Military Diesel Generator Runs perfect Has 10,000 kilowatts which is about 14,000 kilowatts civilian kilowatts. Has a silent package Reduced! Ask about optional custom truck box Gary Mann (252) 338-0817 Try our Great tasting Hot Sauce! Call 252-219-2087 If you would like to carry our hot sauce in your place of business 6 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016

Warren Green is a 30 year member of the Institute of Food Technology, A HAACP (hazard analysis critical control point) Instructor with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. over 400 varieties of craft beer in stock b o t t l e s , c a n s & k e g s Warren Green can be reached at Health and Nutrition Strategies For Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else WHAT’S IN YOUR DIET? It’s time for a little more dot connecting on the toxicity of our environment. It’s reported that annually almost fifty million Americans are afflicted with a food borne disease (salmonella,listeria, e-coli, staph,etc.). My background in food safety, compels me to take a look at those numbers. Fifty million is what’s reported. An equal amount or more, probably goes unreported. The reporting of food borne disease depends upon the extent of the exposure and the immune health of the exposed. It’s probably why only certain members in a family or a group might be afflicted while others aren’t. It has become increasingly difficult to identify an outbreak because of a plethora of circumstances. For instance,in ready to eat meat processing, listeria is particularly problematic because cooked product is mishandled and packaged. Listeria can have an incubation of 3 to 70 days. Salmonella and e-coli’ incubation can be from hours to days. Staph incubation is 1 to 6 hours. Food borne outbreaks can happen because a food handler didn’t thoroughly wash their hands, or it could have occurred anytime or anywhere along critical control points of the food chain. SoHo Organic Market 406-E South Griffin St. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 252.338.8378 Mon - Wed: 10 - 6 • Thurs - Fri: 10 - 7 • Sat: 9 - 6 Like us on Facebook to see the latest new beer! PS. We have an entire room of affordable & tasty Wines too! A little more on the water supply. Lead was proven to be an environmental health problem at the turn of the century. The environmental issues were [Risk Assessed], and because of lead’s relatively low cost and malleability, it became the metal of choice. In the 1940’s, lead was used extensively in municipal and residential plumbing,and various other construction projects throughout the country. Flint,Mi. is the tip of the iceberg, and the accompanying legionnaires issue that’s sickened almost 100 and killed nine is part of the equation hasn’t even been addressed. In 2011, I entered a muscadine grape skin study facilitated by the Sidney Kimmel Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The study was designed to determine the effectiveness of muscadine grape skin capsules on rising PSA’s, and later to determine dosage. The determination I got was that a grape, native to Northeast North Carolina was in deep study at one of the top cancer researchers in the world. Cruciferous produce such as cabbage, collards, etc. are major crops in the region, and known cancer fighters. Finally,my talented colleague Tom Campbell, Ag agent, retired from the Pasquotank County Cooperative Extension service, last month. In his exit interview, that appeared in Daily Advance, Tom said “Pasquotank County is a horticulturist dream. There’s 120-140 days of frost free weather a year, flat and productive land and good soil”. Tom believes we have some of the best weather in the world. I know we have some of the best growers. Northeast North Carolina’s access to major markets, fits my narrative that it should be the “Organic Capitol of the World”. I’ll be expanding upon that concept in future articles. More important than ever, you are what you eat. Business Home Auto Boat Renters Workers Comp. (252) 338-3322 (252) 482-2101 (252) 441-0810 (252) 793-5121 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2016 7