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The Definitive 15 Minute Guide to Solving Past Due Patient Payments!

Pay has an answer to

Pay has an answer to patient payments for your practices AND Easy sales, marketing, and support team to make your job of the problem we solve: Your practices are in last place when it comes The getting paid by the patient. Patients will pay their mortgage, car, to even their vacations and savings accounts BEFORE they pay utilities, doctor. That puts doctors at the back of the pack. Furthermore, their patients to change those payment habits takes a unique getting of the right tools and educational support. approach your practices are doing business as usual, they will send an If of three statements and make one phone call before they average receive a payment. Taking all costs into consideration for those ever calls, and supporting activities, the practice will spend statements, to $30 just to collect one patient invoice. If the invoice goes past $15 the cost can easily double or triple. To compound this problem, due, to high deductible health plans, practices are now relying on due for 25-35% of their revenue according to the MGMA. patients Pay puts an end to chasing money like this and moves your Easy into first place practices it comes to getting paid. when fact, for every patient In practice puts on the Pay, they will Easy statements eliminate all collections costs, and INTRODUCTION spreading the word easy. and get paid at EOB! It’s that simple.

does it work? Right now, most practices are doing business the How way they did twenty years ago. They have the patient pay their same present their insurance card, and get treated. Leaving all co-pay, to be collected after the patient has been treated. The balances got what they needed so they have little incentive to pay the patient on time. Easy Pay adds one small but powerful step to insure doctor a trick that has guaranteed hotels get paid for guest stays, Using Pay enables practices to obtain and securely store a debit or Easy card for the patient with a ‘not to exceed’ limit that will cover credit potential outstanding balances. Once the insurance is any and the EOB received, the practice can simply access adjudicated saved payment information in Easy Pay and run the transaction the the amount owed. Done! The practice sends a paid statement for avoids multiple statements, check handling, and all collections and THE SECRET the practice has a way to collect the balance at EOB. When was the last time you paid a hotel bill late? costs.

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