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The Definitive 15 Minute Guide to Solving Past Due Patient Payments!

the patient cannot pay

the patient cannot pay the anticipated balance in one payment, If Pay enables the practice to set up automated recurring Easy that fit the patient’s budget and the practice’s policies. payments practice retains control of when it gets paid and the patient has The assurance that the bill is paid without any further action on their the part. BONUS! And Easy Pay can go one better than a hotel! It’s a set-it and forget-it solution!

the benefits to practice administrators, doctors, and Understanding is the key to selling Easy Pay. Here are just a few. staff Eliminates Multiple Statements to Save Cost. Using our card- 1. enables practices to get paid at EOB and send one PAID on-file statement. Eliminates the Stress of 'Dialing For Dollars At Dinnertime.' 2. departments often work late to catch past-due patients. Collections added cost of phone calls, multiple statements, write-offs, and The party collections goes away with card-on-file. third Eliminates Non-Secure Hand Written Payment Plans. Easy Pay 3. practices to create automated payment plans for any date enables money amount. Set it and forget it! or Gives Patient-Friendly Options for Payment. On-site payments, 4. payments through our secure portal on your website, payment online card-on-file future payments and more are available for your plans, patients. Makes the Administrator a Hero. Customized reporting in just a 5. of clicks. Create reports for any time frame or defined set of couple Quick response to trends and 'at your fingertips' parameters. as well as getting A/R aging under control will get the information, attention! doctor's Cash Flow Increases. What doctor doesn't want to see his or her 6. earned money show up in larger amounts?! Easy Pay gets hard paid on-time so cash flow is smoother. practices Lower Costs From Eliminating Collections, Lower Stress From 7. Collections and Getting Paid On-Time, More Money Eliminating The Doctor's Bank Account, Less Work To Chase Money, More In Satisfaction From Better Options, Happier Staff From All Patient BENEFITS! Of The Above, At NO Additional Cost - What's NOT To Love!

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