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The Definitive 15 Minute Guide to Solving Past Due Patient Payments!

Pay is a simple piece of

Pay is a simple piece of software with the ability to securely Easy credit/debit card information and use it to process retain card payments at the time needed (present or future) credit/debit for the amount specified. The software can be used as a and virtual terminal useable with any practice management standalone or may already be integrated into the practice management system your customers are using. Either way, the ability to securely system card information and use it to collect amounts due when they retain THE NUTS &BOLTS are known is what puts practices first in the payment line. O O

how do you sell it? Start with discovering what issues your So, is having with patient payments. We solve a wide range of practice payments issues as well as eliminating past-due patient practical problems. You can uncover their need finding the receivables to questions like the following. (OR, if you want to make a answers referral to Easy Pay, we will do the discovery) But First, simple on the front page of And TODAY: USA 26, 2015 February in six families is willing to “One their finances to go on jeopardize by putting off paying vacation SELLING EASY PAY REMEMBER:Your practices are in LAST PLACE! their monthly rent/mortgage…” So it's not getting any better. Old habits are hard to change!

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